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With my copious free time, I started a blog. I know what you’re thinking….that’s so 2008. Well, I decided it was my time to shine in the blog world, and so far, I have managed to crack myself up while writing, and I have as many as two loyal readers depending on the day, one related by blood and the other by marriage.

I’ve lived in ten different cities and four different countries, and I LOVE living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I suppose this either makes me a promiscuous city-dweller or I know my stuff about great places to live? I am a proud new mama of T, a.k.a. T-Bear, and wifey of hubby G. I laugh at myself almost as much as I laugh at others. I will use this blog to write about my awesome adventures (and many misadventures) as a working mommy, baby wrangler, world traveler, wanna-be-fashionista, outdoor enthusiast, ski-bum-moonlighting-as-a-working-professional, woman about town, and french fry connoisseur.

mommybrainblog at gmail dot com


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