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August 16, 2013 / mommy brain

Coral is the new black

I finished up something big at work today, so I’m rewarding myself by writing a fashion-related blog post.

There are many aspects of pregnancy that I’m not thrilled about – being kicked in the ribs by a little alien all day long, going to the bathroom every eleven minutes, getting winded if I run down to the laundry room or talk too fast over the phone – but in general, I don’t mind it, and in some ways, I very much enjoy being pregs. I especially enjoy the cute summer dresses that don’t require me to suck in.

This time around, most of my favorite preggo outfits are coral or pinkish-color or some variation of those colors.


15 weeks, so you know barely preg, but I pulled out the preggo clothes early because you start showing earlier the second time around I’m lazy and don’t want to suck in.

Dress: Old Navy

Shoes: Banana Republic (peep-hole sling back cut off by my masterful photography skills)


23.5 wks here, so slightly more legit time to wear maternity dress

Dress: Target

This dress is very simple but very flattering, and it’s become a favorite. Sadly, I spilled something on it that stained…though will probably continue to wear it hoping stain is hidden in the ruffles…


26wks here

I LOVE this outfit, and I’ve worn it way too many times, but the meetings were with different people, so I don’t think it mattered. I swear it was only wrinkled some of the times I wore it.

Top: Gap

Skirt: Gap

Shoes: Target


29 wks here

I’ve also worn this dress too many times, but you just can’t go wrong with a coral polka dot dress.

Dress: Destination Maternity

Shoes: Target


30.5 wks here and looking large.

Dress: Destination Maternity

Shoes: barefoot and pregnant.

I wore this last weekend during our mini baby moon (made possible by Auntie M). More on that later, but here I am in another coral outfit when we came back from the mini babymoon weekend:


32 weeks here.

Dress: Old Navy

Yellow shoes: Target

And just for fun, here I am in one of the dresses above with my cutest accessory, T-Bear:




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  1. Felicia / Sep 2 2013 10:30 PM

    So…I’m ready to bust out the maternity wear at 11 weeks…I guess I’ll hold out until 15, lol.

    • mommy brain / Sep 3 2013 12:14 PM

      If you don’t mind others knowing, I say go for it! I definitely started showing WAY earlier the second time around. It’s like everything is already, err, loose in there.. Nice thought, right? 😉 Plus, maternity clothes are so cute nowadays 🙂

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