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March 28, 2013 / mommy brain

Sorry ladies, T is taken!

I hate to break the hearts of baby and toddler girls everywhere, but T has a new girlfriend. She’s adorable and has an edgy look with blond hair accented by one lowlite in her bangs. Here they are in Beaver Creek last week:

Lots of hugs!


And some hair pulling.T should not complain about this since he is a big hair puller himself. I have lost many hairs along the way, but it’s cool, I know it’s his way of showing he cares.


T even shared cars and trains with his little friend, figuring she must be bored just staring at him and her older brothers playing with all their toys.



I should add that her older bros didn’t mind T hanging out with their sister all day long. This may change in the future, but they seem cool with T for now.


Seriously, T just loves our friends’ daughter, and it’s super cute. I do hope his fascination with babies continues, and he’s as happy to hang out with a baby all day when he has a little sis or bro some day!




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  1. ~Felicia~ / Mar 28 2013 12:54 PM

    That was so damn cute!!!!!! What a cute couple! hahaha… 😉

  2. P / Mar 28 2013 10:16 PM

    I love this!!
    A misses her man. :). Give him kisses and hugs from her!

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