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February 25, 2013 / mommy brain

T does Houston

We are back from a fun weekend in Houston. My sister, Auntie M, pulled out all the stops and showed T and me a great time all over town. When we arrived, T was treated to his very own pile of toys, cars, books, and other things to play with in Auntie M’s apartment. Auntie M is the best. This is just a small part of it:


We kicked off the visit by going to an amazing all wooden playground in a neighborhood called The Heights. I don’t have a great photo of the actual playground, but T was in heaven in this place. He could climb all over including some high areas on his own because it was well-made for small kids without much danger of falling off the side as the kiddo made his or her way up. We learned that this playground was paid for entirely with donations and not city or state taxes. If I lived in the area, I’d gladly pay monthly for access.


How’s my hair, ladies?

That evening, Auntie M took us out for crawfish at one of the bars she frequents. By the way, T learned many new words this past weekend, including “bar.” That was an amusing one. Another time, the wind picked up and blew his hair, and he declared, “Windy!” I’d never heard him say that before, but he now announces every time the wind blows. Back to crawfish – peeling through a big pile of crawfish poured out onto your table during “crawfish season” is a part of Houston’s culture influenced by its neighbor Louisiana. I know my sister loves to munch on these little critters, so we had to go try them out, too.


“Say what, Auntie M? You want me to eat that? You crazy!”

T thought the crawfish were pretty funny to look at, but he was not about to eat one. Well, that meant more for mom and Auntie! Good thing Auntie M ordered 3 lbs!

The next morning we headed to the Houston Zoo. I was very pleased that the zoo gave us a 50% discount with our ABQ Biopark pass. If you have an annual pass to your local zoo, chances are it includes discounts to zoos around the country, so always check when visiting other zoos during your travels.

T had lots of fun checking out zoo animals with his Auntie:


The meerkats were some of his faves. He tried to hug them through the glass. It was all kinds of cute:


We also checked out the petting zoo within the zoo, and T got to brush some goats:


And best of all, the zoo had a great little playground, which T conquered:


Now that’s what I call a successful zoo adventure!

The next day we walked to another park with two more playgrounds. (Insert T’s googley eyes popping out of his head!) T had a blast investigating both playgrounds thoroughly, and then we headed back to my sister’s place for lunch and a nap so T would be well rested for the Houston Rodeo that afternoon!

The Houston Rodeo is gigantic, the biggest in the country in fact. This was opening weekend, featuring a cook-off and a carnival the size of a small city. For T, this was all overwhelming at first, but he had a great time pointing out all the colors and rides (“choochoos!”) He was sadly two inches too short for the 36 inch height requirement for all the rides, but just watching the lights and colors and action provided plenty of entertainment.


Needless to say, T was sound asleep within five minutes after we made it back to the car, and didn’t even open his eyes when I changed his diaper and put on his PJs back at my sister’s place. It was a big day. The next day, we went back to T’s fave wooden park one more time before it was time to say good-bye to Auntie M.

It was a fabulous weekend for us both, and I’m really glad T had lots of quality time to jump all over, chase, color with, play cars with, and dance with his Auntie!



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  1. Felicia / Feb 26 2013 11:40 AM

    Thanks for the ideas for our next trip to see my parents! 🙂

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