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January 25, 2013 / mommy brain

2013, I know it’s all uphill from here. Bring it.

Hello out there in blog land. I have neglected my blog like a bad mommy blogger, but dudes, it’s been a long few weeks.


One bit of good news. T no longer assumes I’m trying to kill him when I put on his mittens! He now usually likes mittens, and sometimes even asks to put them on. It’s a miracle, you guys.

I am very optimistic that the rest of 2013 will be nothing short of awesome, but it was a rough start with T sick multiple times. Yes, it’s January 25th, and he’s been sick several different times this month. Well, so have all his little comrades. One week, all his classmates were out for at least one day, most for several. Daycare viruses, you are the devil! Amazingly, he wasn’t sick at all the two weeks he was home over the holidays even though everyone else in the house had the hacking-all-night-and-feel-like-death-for-three-days-virus. Of course, I washed my hands every 5 minutes, and I don’t generally put his toys in my mouth like his daycare comrades do, so I get it, but I still talked to the pediatrician about the frequency of his fevers because I was starting to get worried. She assured me that it was perfectly normal, and she claims that it will make him stronger later in life. Alright, bring on that immunity, daycare viruses; we are ready!

So all that has made January so far a bit challenging a pain in the ass. Well, the scrambling to get work done with a sick toddler home from daycare and arranging sitters for meetings I couldn’t miss was a pain. He wasn’t like seriously ill, and the kid takes being sick really well (much better than I do!)  so staying home with him was lots of fun, and I was a happy mommy with my t-bear.


Yes, yes, I know he needs a haircut. It’s happening some time soon.

Then sadly, my grandmother in Poland passed away the morning of my birthday last week. It was a tough day, but I am  grateful that we went to visit in September. That trip was actually planned because of my other grandma’s health, but I am now so happy that we had a nice visit with both of them, and they both got to spend some time with T.


She was an amazing lady who I looked up to my whole life. She was smart, strong and incredibly loving. And she potty-trained me in one weekend, so obviously she was patient and determined as well. She survived WWII, which is a story for another time, but I will tell you that at sixteen, the Russians killed her father because he was the former mayor of a town they were taking over during the Russian invasion of Poland in 1939, and took her to a work camp in Siberia where she spent the remainder of her teenage years.  Her brother and her uncle escaped with Anders Army, and she (with her mother) survived the camp, made it back to Poland after the war was over and lived to be 88.

I remember her as always elegant and put together, but also always warm and inviting. She loved to play card games, tell stories, and she was an excellent cook and seamstress. She made many of the clothes I wore as a little girl, and she made herself a beautiful dress that matched our wedding colors just five years ago. I remember the many visits she would arrange for me as a little girl at the castle in Szczecin where she worked, and I love castles to this day. She made me feel important, and I could tell there was no doubt in her mind that I was capable of anything I set out to do. She was amazing, and I will miss her very much.



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