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January 7, 2013 / mommy brain

Kicking off 2013


We kicked 2012 off with a hike, and 2012 turned out to be a pretty great year, so we figured we should keep the tradition going in 2013.


After a slow painful morning for mom and dad who stayed up till after midnight playing some wild and crazy rounds of “Would you rather” and Taboo (and drinking more than this mommybrain’s tolerance can handle when she still has to get up at 6AM) with our friends, we set out for some (much needed) fresh air. We figured T should see his parents being active not half asleep on the couch on New Years Day. Gotta set a good example, right? We can hit a whole maze of trails in the open space about 5 minutes walk from our house, and we  thought we’d just walk along one of the flat trails, but to our surprise, T was happy to walk uphill for a while as well. He marched up, but it was a slow process since we had to stop to check out numerous rocks and shrubs and we had to mark our footprint in every patch of snow we passed, something he first became fascinated with on New Years Eve morning the day before –>


When we turned back to walk home, T was happy to run at full speed down the hill (adrenaline junkie like his mom this little guy!), and after walking along the flat part for a few minutes, he turned around and ran full speed back towards the steeper part away from us, laughing the whole time. Silly monkey, trying to run away off into the wilderness.


Since we can still outrun him, we caught our little escapee and headed home to warm up. He’s no longer constrained in the backpack like the hike that kicked off 2012,


and he appears to enjoy his new-found freedom on the trail.

Here’s to an active and adventurous 2013 of keeping up with our fast and determined T-Bear! Never a dull moment I tell you.


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  1. Keeping it Real / Jan 7 2013 9:16 PM

    Excited that we’re both kicking 2013 off in the right direction! Cheers to all things NEW!

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