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January 6, 2013 / mommy brain

The party don’t stop. Even while sick, T keeps the party going.

As I mentioned in my year in review post below, while almost everyone in our house was sick with a vicious virus (the doctor said it was probably bronchitis / I like to refer to it as the hacking-all-night-and-feel-like-death-for-three-days virus), T somehow stayed healthy. I was just starting to applaud his immune system and thought there might actually be some truth to what everyone has told me about kids being healthier later after months of daycare colds/viruses/infections/other random sickness I’ve never heard of  – Coxsackie, anyone? Ya, he got that. Well, it turns out that my immune system celebration dance was premature because while T didn’t get the holiday bug, he promptly got sick on day two back at daycare. Awesome. And thanks for nothing all you previous daycare viruses that were supposedly making him stronger.

I got the call to pick him up Thursday afternoon because his fever was at nearly 103. When I showed up to bring him home, he got up from his seat a the table set for snack time, walked over to me, grabbed my legs and buried his face in my jeans. Broke my heart to see him so dopey because he usually runs over laughing and yelling “mama!” The daycare rule says that the child must be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to daycare, so I stayed home with T on Friday.

Luckily, he’s a trooper, and while he still had a bit of a fever and was still off on Friday, we had a fun mommy and me day at home. And that evening, T decided to ring in the new year again. Why not keep the party going, right?


Even kitty had to join the party.

He seemed even better on Saturday morning, so we went to swim class. And by the way – big mommybrain win – we made friends with an adorable little girl swimmer about the same age as T and her very friendly mom. Turns out they live near us, so perhaps T will have a date with his new friend in the near future.

After we got home, T unfortunately got the butt squirts, the dreaded “D…” Not awesome. Not at all. But definitely awesome that it started *after* and not during swim class!

Fortunately this new symptom of the current virus was gone by Sunday morning. We had hoped to go skiing, but didn’t want to drop T at ski daycare while he’s still a bit under the weather, so we went to the zoo instead. The zoo, in January, is completely empty. Seriously, there were like 12 other cars in the parking lot, and I’m guessing at least 10 people must work at the zoo even in the winter.

We’ve really made the most of our zoo family pass. It’s nice to just go whenever we feel like it even for an hour. And T loves it. It’s funny that nobody goes to the zoo during the winter. I guess people prefer to go when it’s hot and bursting at the seams with crowds of people. We like it on a sunny winter day when it’s empty. T especially liked the cat section today because the mountain lions and snow leopards (my favorite!) were extra feisty and playful. I guess the cold doesn’t get them down; they’re built for it.

Here is T checking out the mountain lions. I swear he was smiling until I pulled out my iPhone.


And some more shots from the zoo today.





Here’s hoping that this is the virus that will really boost T’s immune systems and set him up for healthy 2013, and we’re done with mysterious fevers and sicknesses for at least a while. Fingers crossed.


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