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December 10, 2012 / mommy brain

Royal baby news… And I feel like Kate Middleton and I would have so much to chat about!

My sister informed me late last week that Kate Middleton is preggo! Apparently the news broke earlier in the week; I was just living under a rock and missed the headlines. I love Kate Middleton. I mainly love her fashion sense, but I also hope she does something great with her privileged position in life. Kate, if you want to bounce around ideas about women’s rights, gender inequality, education, boots, baby fashion, etc., I’m totally here for you! Call me!

According to CNN, Kate was hospitalized for “acute morning sickness” last week. I went to the doctor when I was like seven weeks preggo because I was crazy sick, and we were worried that I might have malaria since we just got back from Africa. The doctor, who in front of me googled “malaria zones in Botswana” (not exuding a ton of confidence here, doc!) sent me to the emergency room because I was in bad shape and he didn’t want to take any chances with an early preggo had no clue was he was doing.  The emergency room doctors did a bunch of tests and concluded I was sick because I was preg and that some women suffer a lot especially during the first tri. Right…so basically, I just have to deal with feeling like ass. Honestly, I don’t remember ever feeling that sick before or since. They didn’t call it “acute morning sickness” but sure sounds similar. Seriously, I’m just saying that Kate Middleton and I have so much in common! : )

In honor of the Royal baby news, I have compiled some of my favorite Kate fashion looks from this past year. Enjoy!

I was dying over these booties. If I wasn’t trying to shop less, I would be on a mad internet hunt for these:

Love this cas look. Also love that she’s hanging out with her lil ‘sis!


Love the blue blazer she rocked during the Olympics. I copied this look a few times this fall. Thanks, Kate!


Also loved the red blazer with polka dots!


And this dress was just to die for.


Thanks for a great fashion year, Kate! Looking forward to lots of adorable preggo fashion in 2013!


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