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December 3, 2012 / mommy brain

18 months of mommy brain!


T is 18 months old today! Honestly, it’s hard for me to believe how big my little guy is just 18 months into my mommybrain adventure. He seems like such a little boy now and no longer a baby. Just look at him. That’s a little boy not a baby boy, right?


T’s current favorite things include:

– Swimming in the ocean.


– Swimming in the pool and especially jumping into the pool.

– Swimming in the bath tub.

– Refilling his water and milk cups and dipping various chunks of food into both.

– Counting to three with a strong emphasis on “Twooooo!”

– Spiders! He loves singing his favorite song, “Eensy Weensy Spider,” looking for spiders, following them if we find some at the playground. We also look for imaginary spiders on the ceiling.

– Playing hockey. Always and forever one of T’s first loves.

– Clinking his cup with anyone who is willing to “cheers” with him.

– Watching big kids play basketball at the park and imitating their moves on his hoop at home.

– Dancing! T shakes his booty every chance he gets. Walk into a store and the background music has a beat. Stop…Gotta dance!


– Football. I swear we don’t watch that much tv with T in the room, but we’ve always made an exception for football. I mean how else is G going to keep up with his 14 fantasy teams? Well, some mornings, T runs into the living room, brings me the remote and says, “foooobah?”

– Showing everyone his belly.

–  Elmo. Or “Melmo” as T calls him. Yes, this furry red monster is a big part of our lives. Weirdly, I don’t mind it too much; he’s just so lovable, and he has taught T a few things, including how to waddle and quack like a duck. Elmo is all about important life skills.

T is by no means talking in sentences yet, unless you count “bye-bye dada,” or “bye-bye wawa,” which he said with tears in his eyes every time we dragged him out of the ocean in Costa Rica last week, but he says a lot of different words, and he seems to pick up new ones almost every day. He’s now completely off the bottle, and we’ll come up with a bullet-proof strategy for operation “bye-bye binky” soon. He’s super high energy, but does sometimes play quietly with his books or blocks though he prefers his ball or hockey sticks or running at full speed in the park, front yard or around the couch. He’s very affectionate and gives mom and dad lots of hugs and kisses.

He also recently likes to point out that we’re all there. We’ll be sitting in the kitchen ready to give him dinner, and he’ll point to me, say “mama,” point to G, say “Dada!” and then smile as if to say, “yep, everyone’s accounted for!”

Here is T at 1 month:


At 8 months:


At 1 year:


And at almost 18 months!



I love my big boy and I love our little family, and I’m so excited for the holidays and another crazy year of hockey, Elmo and uh-ohs. I could have never predicted all the fun we’ve had this year, so most of all, I’m looking forward to the surprises my little guy has in store for us for next year!



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