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November 20, 2012 / mommy brain

Adios amigos! We’re off to the happiest place on Earth…and it’s better than Disney World!

We are off to Costa Rica! Don’t worry, my mom is bringing a frozen turkey in her suitcase so we can celebrate properly. You think I am joking, but I am not.

I’m very excited to spend the week with my parents and my sister, and I’m looking forward to a whole week of beach time with T. We are all meeting in DFW, and everyone, me, G, T, parents, sister, will be on the flight from DFW to Liberia, Costa Rica. So lots of entertainment for T, and hopefully a smooth flight (fingers crossed!)

G and I had a great time in the Nicoya Peninsula region of Costa Rica when we were there three years ago, and we’re going back to the same area this time, just a different town a couple hours up the coast. Last time, we stayed in a “surf lodge” and met some pretty entertaining surfers, travelers, people who came to Santa Teresa for a few days and never left. This time we’re livin’ it up in a condo, but that should work out well, and we’ll have an indoor area for T to play out of the sun a bit, and also a pool when he needs a break from the ocean.

Sadly, I don’t think our place this week will have a pool bar.

But I do believe there will be lots of sand!

We’re renting a car this time, and we’ll have a mini road trip from the airport to the coast, which will let us see a bit more of the countryside.

Costa Rica is seriously the happiest country on Earth. I’m not joking; it’s often at the top of the list when CNN or Reuters or Forbes come up with lists of “the happiest places on Earth.” And who can blame Ticos for being so happy? Their country is surrounded by gorgeous beaches and full of beautiful rain forests and “cloud forests.” It’s a famously peaceful nation that chose to get rid of their army in 1949, opting instead to set up a public school system, resulting in one of the highest literacy rates in all of Latin America. It is one of the “greenest” countries in the world, not only because of the lush rain forests, but also because of its small carbon footprint. Much of the farming in Costa Rica is through smaller-scale sustainable farms with fewer large corporate farms and more sustainable farming methods used than in other comparable regions, which also means more family-owned farms, so more local people with ownership and fewer people working for foreign-owned mega-farms. I found all this data interesting, but more anecdotally, I can report that most people we met there were in fact quite happy, which made for a great trip last time.

Look how happy we were during our last Costa Rica trip:

The food we had, especially the fresh seafood, was seriously delicious.

I was one happy camper in the waterfall pools near Montezuma.

And check out my badass surf moves!

Ok, that’s not really me.

But this is! –>

Feel free to send sponsorship money. Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!



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  1. Felicia / Nov 20 2012 8:48 AM

    Jealous! We went to the same area about 4 years ago and your photos are making me miss it. Have a wonderful trip!


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