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November 19, 2012 / mommy brain

The perils of living room hockey

Our weekend was going really well. The weather was not ideal for outdoor adventuring, but we got some stuff done around the house and spent some time at Target (always a good idea). Since there are some things in this world you can’t get at Target (not many), and because I do like supporting local businesses, we also stopped by our local camera shop to pick up something for our upcoming trip. The guy who runs the place thanked me three times for coming there to purchase my camera bag, and the shop was empty, so I will make it a point to go there for all my camera accessory needs first because I do hope the place survives. They carry nice stuff, and they foster cats at the shop, so T enjoys stopping in because kitty-chasing is one of his top-ten activities.

On Sunday, we checked out a new breakfast place. The Owl Cafe is pretty well-known in Abq, but somehow we’ve never had the chance to check it out. This is probably because we are usually craving Weck’s on Sunday morning, but this weekend we decided to be adventurous with our breakfast. The Owl Cafe worked out great. The food was yummy, T had fun checking out the owl-shaped building and all the owls inside, and, best of all, the service was excellent and very child-friendly.

The weekend was really going quite well until…..pause for effect…..the freak living room hockey accident! T was in “go go go” mode, running around the living room at full speed, and yelling, “go go go!” when…he stubbed his toe on the open baby gate! Tragic, I know! Well, I didn’t think it was a big deal and was surprised to see him on the ground screaming and grabbing his chubby little foot. Usually, he shakes things off pretty quickly, so I came over to investigate and found that his foot was a bloody mess. Yikes! How did this happen on the baby gate that he runs through ten thousand times a day?? After we cleaned it off, we realized a piece of skin about half the length of his pinky toe was torn off, and the darn thing kept bleeding for about 20 minutes. Many crocodile tears and about an hour of hugs later, T still didn’t want to walk on it, and kept pointing out his “boo boo.” We wiggled it around and prodded and confirmed that it was in fact just a flesh wound and no pinky toe bones were broken. And luckily, later that evening, he decided that his injury was not severe enough to delay hockey practice.

He reminded us about the boo boo about every 45 seconds all evening, but by this morning we were down to about one booboo reminder every 3 minutes.

My little tough guy….so brave!


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