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November 16, 2012 / mommy brain

My week of zen

Hello and Namaste. I am writing to you as a more relaxed, more zen-like version of myself because I spent this morning at Ten Thousand Waves spa in Santa Fe. G was awesome enough to get me a gift certificate to this famous spa for my birthday. Here’s the thing. My birthday was in January, so I’ve been thinking about going to this place for 10 months! I’ve had a massage and a facial before, but I’ve never been to a spa like this, and it was all I hoped it would be. After my treatments, I maximized my time by checking out the foot spa tub, regular soaking tub AND the sauna. I don’t get to do this sort of thing very often, so you better believe I took full advantage of my time. Oh, and I had three cups of the complimentary peppermint tea. If you’re ever in Santa Fe and want to do something nice for yourself, I highly recommend spending some time at this place.

I already told G that I would like the exact same birthday present next year. And you know I won’t wait 10 months to use it next time!

As if a spa day wasn’t enough, earlier this week, I had the chance to do a yoga session during a wine/yoga/jewelry party hosted by a friend at St. Claire’s Winery & Bistro in Old Town Albuquerque. I have to tell you that I stressed a fair bit about what to wear to a yoga/wine/jewelry party at a fancy restaurant, but I figured that part out, and the party and my friend‘s yoga instruction were both really fun. And as an added bonus, I met a new mommy friend who has a little boy about the same age as T. My mission to set up play dates has not been going super well, so this was a win. And the yoga session felt great. I’ve only tried yoga a handful of times, but I’ve liked it it’s kicked my ass every time, so I should really make it a more regular thing.

Or maybe I should just make going to the spa a more regular thing? Now that sounds like a solid plan.


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