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November 5, 2012 / mommy brain

Saying “uh-oh” is only appropriate if you do something bad by accident.

“Uh-oh” was one of T’s first words. I realize that it’s not really a word, but he started saying it at around 9 months when he dropped something. Recently, he’s expanded his definition of “uh-oh” to also include times when he throws various things across the room or down into our living room from the dining room.

Here he is right after an “uh oh.” See the top of that sippy cup in that lamp below him there? He threw said sippy cup in there 3 times before we took it away from him. We said “No,” firmly each time, but he threw it right back, said “uh-oh” and laughed. Mhmmm. We had our first “time out” of sorts this weekend. Not that I care about the lamp, but I do care about other things that might be smashed during an “uh-oh.”

So this morning, after visiting my fave donut shop and returning a camera tripod that I purchased this weekend right before G informed me that we in fact already own a tripod, I came into the office, opened my bag, and said, “uh-oh” because I left my laptop power cord at home. This is a legitimate use of “uh-oh.” I hope you’re taking notes, T!

Speaking of the tripod I returned. I also purchased a camera remote during our trip to the camera store, and we set out to take some family photos for the Christmas card on Sunday morning. And this is what happened:

I had high hopes for scenic family photos at the trailhead behind our house. It’s hard to get T to look at the camera as it is, so adding high winds, bright sun, mom’s hair flying in his face, and lots of doggies on the trail as a distraction just weren’t doing us any favors. We will be trying again soon, next time in our backyard or living room. I will make sure T sports his new sweater again, though:


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  1. Felicia / Nov 12 2012 9:51 PM

    We decided to do a “Logan only” photo this year – it was just easier! You’ll see when it arrives. 🙂

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