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November 2, 2012 / mommy brain

Happy Friday! Let’s talk about fashion. Expensive toddler shoe fashion and cheap mommy fashion. And let’s also talk about Chile.

It’s been a long week for me, but it’s Friday, and life is good, so I won’t bore you with why I had more work than usual this week. Let’s talk about fashion instead.

Let’s start with toddler shoe fashion. Well, actually, here’s the problem. My little guy is quite fashionable if I do say so myself, but his feet are really chubbs, and I can’t squeeze them into little hipster toddler shoes. I have tried and failed and given up. And at the moment he has one pair of shoes that fits him and the current season.

These Merrells, the “Jungle Moc Dual Strap”:

We love these shoes because they are comfy, durable and they go with most of his pants. And the key thing for us: the tongue can be pulled all the way back so the whole shoe opens up, making it easy to fit even T’s chubby little feet. I feel like the kid should have more than one pair of shoes, though.

The only shoes I had for him this summer that I could get onto his feet were Keen sandals and a pair of fake crocs from BabiesRUs for when we went to the pool. So I just ordered him these two pairs from Keen:

The Keen Kootenay:

The Keen Alamosa:

Do you guys have any suggestions for toddler shoes that are easy to put on? I do love the Merrells and Keens, but I’m new to toddler shoe shopping and curious about other options.

Speaking of toddler fashion, check out T in the adorable sweater my friend A got him during her recent trip to Scotland. Here is T checking out the gear at the ski swap last weekend:

The above toddler shoes are awesome, but $45-55 is kinda pricey for toddler shoes in my book. This cuts into my fashion budget, but luckily Target is always there for me, and I’m still trying to shop less and spend more time shopping in my own closet.

I’m not going to lie, I broke down and bought some stuff somewhere other than Target this past month. I was speaking at an event and needed a confidence boost. And if there’s one thing that boosts a girl’s confidence, it’s looking fabulous. I snagged this up on the sales rack at White House Black Market:

I felt professional yet fashionable, and my panel discussion went really well. Successful night in my book. Back to shopping in my own closet, I put together this outfit to wear to a breakfast event this week.

Outfit: Dress: Ross; Sweater: Banana Republic; Belt & shoes: Target

I bring it up because I got a couple compliments on this, and one woman asked me where I got the dress. When I replied “Ross,” she looked very surprised and a bit uncomfortable, like she didn’t know she was talking to “one of those people.” Whatever, stuck-up lady, why did you ask me if your snooty ass can’t deal with the fact that my dress cost $14?

While we’re on the subject of trying to stick to a budget, let’s talk about Chile. I have travel fever, as always, and Lonely Planet recently came out with is “Best Value Destinations for 2013.” Chile is not actually on the list, but I’ve been thinking Chile might be the next “big” trip to plan. Have you or anyone you know been to Chile with small kids? Or how about any of the “value destinations” on Lonely Planet’s list?



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  1. Felicia / Nov 3 2012 1:16 PM

    I like going to Nordstrom Rack for Logan’s shoes. They have lots of the lines I like (plus some surprises like a pair of Nikes for him), they’re at a discount, and I can try different types of shoes on him right there in the store.

    • mommy brain / Nov 4 2012 10:07 PM

      Oh man, I love Nordy’s and Nordstrom Rack. Sadly, neither is available to me in abq, but I’ll keep this in mind when I visit friends and family who live in a city with a Nordy’s!

  2. Felicia / Nov 12 2012 9:52 PM

    PS: I thought of you last week when I pulled together a cute work outfit that was 90% Target and 10% DSW. 🙂


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