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October 31, 2012 / mommy brain

The chipmunk we caught last halloween

Happy Halloween, you guys! I’ll post about this year’s halloween hopefully a little later, but I’d thought I’d share the costume I made T last year with the interwebs since I didn’t have a blog last year. T’s costume last year was the craftiest thing I have done since maybe home-ec class in junior high. I did well in school, but, and I know this won’t come as a shock to my husband, I distinctly remember worrying about my home-ec grade. It was a required class…because you know I wouldn’t choose it as an elective. The cooking part, especially, terrified me…again probably not a surprise for G. Anyway, I did learn how to sew somewhere along the way. Though I think it was my grnadma, not home-ec, that taught me.

And I’m really glad I learned because last year I was able to pull this together:

This costume came out super cute, and it was very easy to make. I bought a brown hoodie and used some brown pants we already had. On the hoodie, I sewed faux white fur onto the front pockets, and fashioned little faux brown fur ears sewed onto the hood. Then the most difficult, or rather most time consuming, part was the tail. For this I cut three different colors of faux fur into long strips of different widths, and layered them to create the striped tail that I sewed from the top of the hood to the bottom of the hoodie, and I left about 6 inches hang from the bottom of the hoodie to make a tail. This was the tough part because the three layers of fur were difficult to push the needle through.

It’s hard to believe a year has already passed since my little chipmunk celebrated his first halloween! I’m still not very crafty, and I still don’t cook much but that’s mainly because hubby G is a very talented cook. In fact he won best overall dish at his office halloween potluck today! And the craftiest thing I’ve tried since last halloween was this year’s halloween costume, but I have to say I’m pretty happy with how this year came out, too.


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