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October 31, 2012 / mommy brain

Bam Bam BAM BAM!

I’ve loved Halloween ever since my first year in the US of A. For real? I can walk around at night and people will give me candy? Sweet! It was especially fun in Brooklyn, NY because we mainly went trick-or-treating at stores and the store owners gave out good stuff.

My mom always made costumes for me and my sister, or we would put them together with stuff we had around the house. My mom can actually sew real clothes, so I’m several skill levels below her caliber, and I’m really not very crafty, but for some reason, I’ve been excited about making costumes since I had my own kiddo. I doubt I can continue this once T is old enough to pick his own costume, but while I pick them, I’m happy to make the costumes, or at least try to.

This year, we decided T should be Bam Bam Rubble, a character that fits his personality quite well. I spent a total of $30 on the fabric (mostly 50% off) at JoAnn Fabrics for T’s, G’s and my costumes. The faux fur I used for the top part of T’s costume was a bit more at about $9. Then I stopped at a local Halloween store and picked up the toy club and a bone beret that I clipped to Bam Bam’s skirt. T was very happy to run around the house clubbing everything in site, so that worked out well.

T had a great time at a neighbor’s halloween party last weekend, dancing and clubbing, and checking out all the costumes. These neighbors know how to party, and they apparently know hundreds of people in town because the house was packed with awesome costume-clad party-ers. My favorite costume was Katy Perry and Russell Brand. Katy was wearing her California Gurls candy land video outfit, and T is a fan of that video, so he was psyched to meet her. Sadly, Snoop Dogg did not make an appearance.

Earlier today, I stopped by daycare to see the Halloween parade and Halloween dance party. T doesn’t need much of an excuse to dance, so he was having a blast, and I had fun checking out all the costumes.

And tonight, we hit the streets for some trick-or-treating action.

We went to just a few houses, mainly neighbors we know and the ones with the best Halloween decorations. T tried to give his candy to a couple of the people giving out candy, and he was more interested in petting the neighbors’ cats and dogs than the candy, so he’s not a trick-or-treat pro quite yet, but he had a great time.

Excuse me while I go eat the remainder of our candy and T’s candy. Is it bad that we didn’t let him have any of his own candy loot? Honestly, he doesn’t know he should want it right now, so I’d rather keep it that way for a little while. Hope you all had a fun Halloween!


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