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October 28, 2012 / mommy brain

Nothing good ever happens at 3:30AM.

It is a fact. Even if you think it’s a fantastic idea at the time, nothing you do at 3:30AM is actually a good idea. Drunk dialing whoever at 3:30AM? Bad idea. Texting anyone at 3:30AM? Very bad idea. Worse than the call because there will be evidence. Hailing a cop car because you thought it was a cab at 3:30AM…you know what, let’s stay away from personal examples. Waking up and making your mom and/or dad come get you because you’re wide awake at 3:30AM? Bad idea. Very bad.

I’ve gone over this 3:30AM rule with T, but last week, he decided that 3:30AM wake up calls were his new MO. I’m pretty sure this is happening because his molars are coming in (he’s been grabbing at his jaw and his poor little gums are swollen) since he doesn’t want a bottle and he doesn’t really want to get out of the crib and play. He goes back to sleep after a bit of a cuddle sesh, but the 3:30AM wake up calls are taking a toll on mom and dad. He’s normally an excellent sleeper, and I admit we are spoiled. One of the molars is out, and I’m hoping the rest hurry up and break through because we need to catch up on some sleep over here.

Here is T at the gym before swim class Saturday morning; I’m the one who needed shades to hide the dark circles under my eyes! Btw, this is not T’s Halloween costume (that post is coming soon); it’s just how he rolls on a Saturday morning.


T did sleep till after 6:30AM this morning after some Halloween party dancing at a neighbor’s party last night. I’m hoping we are back to normal, and I am up around 6 for some hockey practice before breakfast tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!


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