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October 27, 2012 / mommy brain

My little ladies’ man

I’m flying home after my first work trip in a while. (I started this post on the flight yesterday.) I was only away two days and just one night, but I missed my little guy (and the big guy, too) a ton. My flight was delayed (ugh…don’t they know I have to get home to finish my kiddo’s halloween costume?!), but I give props to my fave airline for quickly getting another plane after the original one crapped out. I’m actually praising an airline…crazy, right? You may remember some of my airline rants. Well, those were about useless airlines operated by morons. Today I am flying Southwest, which is a fine-tuned airline machine run by capable and often very funny employees.

The work trip went really well, but leaving this guy at home is always so tough:

I took the photo above at our friends’ wedding last weekend, which was a blast for all of us, including, I hope, Auntie M who flew in just to babysit T-Bone so his mom and dad could get their par-tay on.

T was great at the church. I was thinking during Mass that I should take him to church more often because he was quite fascinated with the whole thing, and he especially enjoyed the music. He’s been baptized, but we haven’t been totally on top of it in the going-to-church-on-Sunday arena. It’s on the list of things to work on, and I’d like to try going with our friends on Saturday evening because we love lazy Sunday mornings, and you know, football is on at that time. T started to get a bit antsy towards the end of the mass, and I began to walk outside, but then another song started, and he was chill again. So I got to see my friends’ entire wedding (Thanks, T-Bear!), and then it was time to par-tay!

Here we are after church.

And here are some shots from the beautiful reception. We had so much fun!

T was very excited to his daddy since he was busy as a groomsmen for most of the day.

Auntie M is not only a great babysitter but also a great photographer!

Let’s get this party started!

You may have noticed my outfit change from church to reception. (What, you don’t wear two different dresses to one wedding?) Well, I started in the dress Auntie M brought for me, which was super cute, but it was a tad snug squeezing my insides in the waist area. I covered this up with a lace cardigan, which worked out well to cover up unattractive cinching, but if I was going to eat anything at the reception, I figured I should change so that I could breathe and to avoid popping some seems on my sister’s awesome dress. The one I changed into worked out really well because it was long, so I could sport flip-flops instead of heels to run after T without spraining an ankle before he went to bed.

One of my favorite parts of the reception was the mother-daughter dance. My friend danced with her father after the first dance, but then after the groom danced with his mom, she danced with her mom, too, which I thought this was really sweet.

My friend was a gorgeous bride, and the whole day was beautiful and lots of fun for everyone! Oh, and doesn’t that veil go well with her amazing dress? That’s my veil, and this was its third wedding! 🙂

T was quite the ladies man at this reception, and he had so many adorable little ladies to dance with! In addition to our friends’ daughter in the picture above, the bride and groom have six adorable nieces. Here he is dancing with one of them.

Ah, to be 16 months again:


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