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October 22, 2012 / mommy brain


Good morning and happy Monday! Why am I in such a fantastic mood this morning, you may ask? Well, when I stopped at my fave donut shop this morning, the very sweet elderly man who runs the place said my order was on the house. Why I asked? Because, he said to me, he just likes it when certain customers come in. Really? Really, he said with a smile. My order total would have been around $2, but the sweet gesture definitely made my day. Who doesn’t love a compliment and free coffee and donuts?

You may be wondering why I’m at a donut shop on a regular basis since I often complain about losing the fight against fatmommyness? Well, I need coffee to get through my day, and donuts go so well with coffee. And I’m totally for real going for a run tonight. Or definitely some time this week.

Back to karma, and speaking of being nice to others, I want to send out a big public thank you to my awesome little sister for flying out to Phoenix on Saturday morning just so she could take care of T-Bear while his mom and dad got their party on at our friends’ wedding. G was in the wedding party, so Auntie M took T for a walk while I got ready, and she and T had a slumber party while we danced the night away. AND she did not come get us when he woke up at 6:30AM, which was super extra nice. I went looking for them at 8AM, and 8AM in Phoenix is 9AM in abq, and you better believe that sleeping till 9AM is a big deal in mommy land.

Folks, a sweet gesture, be it as small as some free coffee or as big as flying out to babysit so that your sister can get her drink on, makes the world a better place. And donuts, too; donuts definitely make the world a better place.


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