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October 17, 2012 / mommy brain

Fall snuck up on me

I’m not gonna lie, everything was either pissing me off or annoying me yesterday. Well, mainly the pediatrician’s office that wouldn’t let me make an appointment to get T a flu shot because they have a flu shot clinic on Saturday (when we’re out of town) and the other doctor’s office that only makes flu shot appointments on Mondays and Thursdays (neither of which I can make this week or next) and the plumber who was scheduled to be at my house between 1 and 3 but called at 4 to say that he might make it at 5 but that was a maybe. Seriously? Maybe I should have been more productive during that time, but I never am when I’m waiting for someone to show up during a loosely defined time window. I keep telling myself, I’ll get to work after they leave plus I don’t want to be in the middle of something important when they show up. Grrrr. And also all the dresses I had in mind for a wedding we’re going to this weekend didn’t fit quite like I remembered when I tried them on. Seriously, I am not sure how this happened (I know exactly how it happened and I swear I am working on the Nutella problem), but I am once again losing the fight against fatmommyness.

Ok, in an attempt to start today off on a better note, I am going to list seven recent things I am thankful for. Fall, you know that time between summer and ski season, is here, and fall is a time of thanksgiving. Well, Thanksgiving is a time of thanksgiving, but Thanksgiving occurs in the fall, so work with me on this one. Here we go.

1) First and foremost, one of my closest friends had a baby on Monday! She had a beautiful baby girl, and we were so happy to hear the good news, T, G and I had a spontaneous dance party when we heard! We were lucky enough to hang out with them last weekend before the new arrival, which was really fun, and I got to meet my friend’s brand new daughter on Monday! I was a happy camper holding a brand new adorable and chubby baby (love chubby babies!), and for that I am thankful!

2) We had a good time at McCalls pumpkin patch last weekend. Nothing says fall like a pumpkin patch, right? And I’m grateful that T could have so much fun picking his own pumpkin (after thorough examination of several pumpkins, he went for one that was mostly green just to be different) and petting goats.

Yep, matching sweaters is something else you should do in the fall.

Riding tractors? Also only done in the fall.

3) I am very thankful that my sister, a.k.a. Auntie M, volunteered to bring an awesome dress she rocked at a wedding this summer to Arizona this weekend so that I can wear it to the wedding. I should start by saying that I am grateful that Auntie M is flying to Phoenix so that she can stay with T after he goes to bed so we can get our party on at the wedding. This is the dress I hope works. (And fits! fingers crossed!) Auntie M looks awesome, right?

We are very much looking forward to seeing Aunie M this weekend and very excited to celebrate with our friends!

4) Our recent trip to Poland was a success, and I have lots of great memories and half a hard drive of photos as a result, and for this I am grateful.

5) I went for a run last night. While G has been hard at work getting back in hot tub shape just in time for ski season, I have been working hard on finishing Nutella jars faster than previously thought possible. But last night was different. I put the Nutella spoon in the dishwasher after just two scoops and I hit the pavement. It was unfortunately too late and too dark to hit the trail when I decided to get my ass in gear, so I had to stick to the streets. It was a short run, but I am grateful I got out there.

6) I get to spend most of my mornings, evenings and weekends with these two stud muffins.

And one of them often makes me and the other stud muffin breakfast and dinner, and for this I am truly thankful.

7) Ski season is just around the corner. Fall is fun and who doesn’t like riding a tractor, but snow is already falling up in Ski Santa Fe and Wolf Creek and up in Summit Country Colorado, and for this I am grateful. Thanks for reading my thankful list, and as always, remember to PRAY FOR SNOW!


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  1. P / Oct 18 2012 8:05 AM

    Aww, thanks for the mention. :). I love that T chose the green pumpkin. Have a great time at the wedding!!

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