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October 10, 2012 / mommy brain

I think my two biggest weaknesses are Nutella and chubby babies

My good friend brought over her baby niece the other day. T is generally pretty good around babies, but he is super high energy, so I have to make sure his hugs and kisses are not too much for the baby involved. The cats know all too well about the intensity of T’s hugs. We are working on the concept of “gentle,” and T does get it, most of the time anyway.

This adorable baby girl’s mama has babysat for T in the past, and I was very excited to meet her and her adorable chubby cheeks.

T was very sweet and came over for “kisses,” but he also ran around the living room at full speed (his typical MO nowadays) trying to find ways to show off during his little friend’s visit. In about 4 minutes, he showed off his hockey skills, his basketball shots, his itsy-bitsy spider song skills, and his train building skills. And then he ran around the living room a few more times before going through his skill sets a second time for good measure.

T’s little friend was intrigued by his crazy antics, but then she did some showing off as well, and she rolled over!

My friend had not seen her niece do this before, so we were trying to get her to repeat the roll-over maneuver when T decided to come over to show her what to do. It was really as if he was saying, “Look, just like this.”

“You have to master this roll-over technique so that next, we can practice flips on the couch.”

I have to say that the adorable chubby cheeks and the fact that T was pretty good around his little friend makes me think about a little sister (or brother…). He was trying hard to impress, but he also did ok just playing in the same area. He has to pass on his mad skills to someone, right?


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