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October 8, 2012 / mommy brain

Breakfast burritos, fat elvis and spiderman pig…all before 8AM. Great day at Balloon Fiesta, even for the girl who hates all things that happen before 8AM.

Good morning! Hope you all had a great weekend. Before we get to the part where I tell you how awesome my weekend was, let me start by saying that I apologize for a horrible grammatical error in a previous post. Dudes, why didn’t anyone tell me I had a “you’re” where a I needed a “your” in the swim lessons post?!? I am so embarrassed. I am a grammar snob, but I am also too busy to spend a lot of time editing a lazy ass, so PLEASE, in the future, if you see something so appalling, tell me, so I can fix it! Ok, glad we went over that. Onto the awesomeness that is BALLOOOOOOON FIESTA! (The extra OOOO is not a grammatical error; it is there for effect.)

While G was off in Vegas helping his friend prepare for the responsibilities of marriage working hard to secure a two-day hangover, I had friends in town for the Balloon Fiesta.

I think Albuquerque has a ton to offer, but it is probably most well known for the annual Balloon Fiesta, the largest hot air balloon festival in the world. The location of balloon fiesta park and the cool early morning October temperatures create what’s known as “the box,” a phenomenon especially ideal for showcasing balloons. Basically, low elevation winds blow one direction and high elevation winds blow the opposite direction in the huge park dedicated to the festival, which means the balloons can go up and circle the area for a while, allowing the hundreds of thousand of people below a great view all morning. The coolest part of Balloon Fiesta is the mass ascension when all the balloons (500-800 of them!) go up all together at 7AM. That and a delicious green chile breakfast burrito make getting up at 4:30AM worthwhile.

Yes, I said getting up at 4:30AM. It’s painful for me to even write it. In order to make it in time for dawn patrol and mass ascension, you have to get to the parking lot by 5:30AM. Good news is the whole thing is over by 9AM, so you can come home and take a nice long nap afterward.

I think Balloon Fiesta is one of the things that make abq unique and quirky, and I do love my unique and quirky adopted hometown. Along with the actual festival, you get to sometimes meet people who are just really into hot air balloons and volunteer to get up even earlier (masochists) to be part of “chase crews” that follow the balloons and help wrap them up when they land in fun and exciting places (backyards, cactus fields, the middle of a road) all over town. And you also sometimes meet professional balloonists. My gynecologist, for example, is, in addition to an MD, a State senator, a weight loss specialist AND a professional balloonist.

Sunday morning turned out to be a beautiful day to go to Balloon Fiesta.

Here are the kids ready for some balloon action. T takes after his mom; here he is thinking, “Tell me again, WHY am I up so early?”

“T, we are up this early, so that we have a clear view of Dawn Patrol!”

T: “Mom, tell me again why I couldn’t watch this on TV?”

And then mass ascension started, and T perked up a lot and had a blast.

“This is awesome, mom!”


T thought it was all pretty cool:

And mom was happy to see her guy having so much fun:

T’s favorite, I think, was the elephant.

And I liked the space man balloon.

Unfortunately, my old favorite, the kissing bees, had some technical difficulties and didn’t go up, but here are some kissing bees photos I took in years passed:

Luckily, even though the bees were a bust, I have a new all-time favorite in Fat Elvis:

I’ve said before that I don’t do anything before 7:30AM unless it is related to skiing, my son or something awesome, and I stuck to my rule this weekend. I mean, clearly, a hot air balloon of spiderman pig is something truly awesome.


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