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October 3, 2012 / mommy brain

I chopped off my baby’s beautiful hair…I mean, T got his first haircut, and it’s totally great…

If you’ve seen T in person any time during the last few weeks, you either thought to yourself, or, in the case of my aunt, told me that “he really needs a haircut.” Or you just thought that there is something wrong with his mom because the poor kid can’t see through his bangs.

And G was less and less impressed with my use of hair accessories to keep his hair out of his food. Whatever…I think T is manly enough to pull of a hair clip, don’t you?

The truth is I loved T’s shaggy mop, and I chickened out the first time we made an appointment at the kiddie hair salon.

While in Poland last week, I found myself constantly brushing his hair off his forehead so he could see and so that I could see his eyes in photos, and I realized that it really was time for a haircut. So yesterday afternoon, we went to Jungle Cuts after work.

T was a really good boy, and he was happy to play with the toys at the salon while we waited, and when it was our turn, he sat in my lap and let the kiddie stylist cut his hair. T was calm and composed and actually quite fascinated by the scissors clipping his hair, and mommy watched and tried her best to not cry. I’m sure that all moms do this I’m a nutcase, but I was sad to see his hair cut. I wasn’t thrilled with the accuracy of the actual cut and thought perhaps the stylist cut too much. To be fair, his hair is all kinds of crazy and probably challenging to cut, so I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to spoil the very successful hair salon visit.

Here is T in the car after daycare before we drove to the salon:

And the “before” photo at the salon:

Here we are during the cut:

And the “after” photo – “Mom, why do you look so sad?”:

And later at home during dinner – “Get over it mom, I look awesome!”:

G insists that he looks great and the haircut was a good idea, and I have to admit, he’s just as cute with a slightly less shaggy head, and a slightly more grown-up look, which is perhaps what I didn’t want. Back to my point above, I realize that thinking of my 16-month-old as too grown-up makes me a nutcase, and as much as I want T to stay my baby forever, he’s becoming more of a big boy every day and it was high time for a big boy haircut.



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  1. Felicia Kemp / Oct 7 2012 10:11 PM

    He looks fantastic!! I’ve had a really hard time after a couple of Logan’s haircuts already!

  2. tara / Oct 22 2012 5:14 PM

    He is adorable, with or without his haircut! I love the hair clip.

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