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September 18, 2012 / mommy brain

Pack it up, pack it in

I am a pretty experienced traveler, and I like to think I’m a good packer, but I am lying to myself delusional if I say I’m good at packing light. I can truthfully say I’m good at stuffing as much as the laws of physics will allow to stuff into any bag without the seams or zippers popping. I have been packing a bit lighter in recent years, but I do like to have options and I like to be ready for all situations when I travel.

For this upcoming trip to Poland with T and Auntie M, I have to force myself to pack super light because I need to fit all my stuff and T’s stuff into one bag. I’m trying to pack reasonably light for T as well, but not having all your supplies and enough options and enough changes of clothes for toddlers is not at all a good idea, so it leaves less room for mommy’s travel wardrobe.

The above photo is what I’m packing for myself for a ten day trip. This does not include outerwear, which will include a jacket, vest and hoodie, or shoes, which will include one pair of black wedges and one pair of low brown boots in addition to the sneaks I’m wearing for the flights. This is by far the lightest I’ve EVER packed. Let’s hope it works out, and I’m not wearing dirty clothes with ketchup stains from T’s after dinner hugs during the second half of the week!


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