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September 17, 2012 / mommy brain

Kitty hugs for T’s best buddy

Your daily dose of heart melting cuteness. Our kitty Bobby has been at the vet hospital since Saturday morning. When we go see him during visiting hours, T insists on crawling into the kennel to give him hugs and kisses. I began to pull him out, but the vet insisted that it’s good for Bobby to get lots of love right now.

The vet thinks he has vestibular disease which comes on very quickly and makes kitties dizzy and unable to walk. He was a bit out of it Friday night, and by Saturday morning he could barely walk and his head was tiled to one side, so we took him to the pet emergency room. The condition can be caused by various factors as minor as an ear infection to as serious as a brain tumor. Depending on the cause, the kitty in many cases will get better after about a week, so we’re hoping it’s not something more serious.

I talked to the vet this morning, and she thinks Bobs can come home today if we keep him in a quiet comfy area to himself. He’s still in a pretty pathetic state, not able to walk normally with his head still tilted to one side, but the vet says he’s perked up, and she’s hopeful that he’s on the mend, so we’re hoping for the best. He’s been a wonderful furry companion to me for eight years, and he’s so great with T, I am hoping he stays part of our family for several more years. It’s probably better that T and I are off to Poland this week. I know Bobs loves all the T hugs, but it’ll be a little quieter around the house, so he can keep recovering and hopefully be back in shape to play with T when we return.


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