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September 16, 2012 / mommy brain

Cheating on the BOB with T’s new ride

In a few days, T and his Auntie M and I are off to Poland so that T can meet our babcias (T’s great-grandmothers), his great-aunt, and many many cousins. In order to make this happen, I had to do something I swore I wouldn’t do, something that required hours of my precious time for research and soul searching. I had to…gasp!…buy another stroller!

I know what you’re thinking, “what the heck do you need more than one stroller for??” I hear you…I am rolling my eyes at myself. Or, if you’re an actual mom, you’re thinking, “What? You don’t already own 7 different strollers?” And I get that, too. You really do need different types for different situations. I just happen to use our BOB stroller for most everything we need to do. I go for lots of walks. I go G goes for runs with it. We take it on trails, to the park, to the zoo, and all over town. We’ve traveled with it to exotic places like Canada, Mexico and Los Angeles. I love having it on layover because of the deep recline and large canopy to block glaring airport lights. Heck, T spent the night sleeping in it at the Montreal airport. As I discussed in an earlier post, I think having your full-size or jogging stroller on vacation makes vacations with babies way less stressful (and remember you can’t drink as much on vacay when traveling with bambinos so you must reduce stress in every other way possible) because you can hang your diaper bag on the handles, store everything you need for the beach, adventures, sightseeing, etc. in the under-stroller storage. Plus your baby has a comfy place to sleep and you don’t have to leave your sweet poolbar-side location when it’s time for baby to nap. And you your husband can go jogging while on vacay.

Here we are with the BOB in San Fran when T was about 3 months old. That’s a great view of the Golden Gate bridge, right there behind that fog:

Here are G and T being proud Canadians with the BOB (in Canada) when T was 5 months old:

Here is T smiling for the camera in the BOB when he was about 8 months old:

And here is T sleeping in the BOB in the Montreal airport when he was about 14 months old:

The BOB has been good to us, and I hate to cheat on it, but unfortunately, the BOB is not invited on our Euro trip because he’s just too big to fit in tiny euro taxi or car trunks along with our luggage and Auntie M’s luggage. And while I’ve gate checked the BOB many times, I had one (crappy!) airline insist I check it, so I should play it safe since I need to make sure I have a stroller on the layovers during this trip. The BOB is staying home to take his own vacay from his heavy worldload while we are in Poland with our new umbrella stroller.

I consulted my facebook mommy and daddy friends and asked for recommendations on umbrella stroller that don’t suck and don’t cost the big bucks. The MacLaren was recommended by the most parents, and I was strongly considering what appears to be the go-to umbrella stroller for many savvy mommy and daddies, but I decided against it because it lacked the one feature I cared about most: a full (or close to full) recline. I need the umbrella stroller so that T can ride when he’s tired of walking, but I also need him to nap in the stroller on layovers and while we’re out and about, so to me, the level of recline is extremely important in a travel stroller, and the MacLaren hardly reclines at all.

After way too much reading of reviews and mommy blogs and thorough examination at Babies R Us, I came to the conclusion that two umbrella strollers on the market would offer me the near-full recline I need: the Bumbleride Flite and the Chicco Liteway. I’m not gonna lie, I SO wanted the Bumbleride Flite. Just look at it; it’s beautiful. It’s very lightweight (at only 13 lbs, it’s one of the lightest available), stylish, reclines quite far. My mommybrain was drooling. But then the rest of my brain said, “$250 for an umbrella stroller is a dumbass move. Don’t be a dumbass.” So I went for the Chicco Liteway, which actually reclines lower than the Flite, and before I saw the Flite online, I was very pleased with what the Liteway offered and how it looked.

Turns out that the color of Liteway I picked online was last year’s model and therefore reduced in price from $150 to $109. Babies R Us had to order it for me from another store, and when I went to pick it up, my friend was at store with me, and she was awesome enough to give me a coupon she wasn’t using, so I got 25% off the already reduced price!

We tried out the new ride this weekend, so I could get used to it before the big trip, and T rode around in the Liteway in Old Town at the Salsa Festival on Saturday and at the zoo today. T looks gigantic in it, but we’re very happy with it so far. While it does remind me how much I love the BOB and its smooth maneuvering, huge sun shade and big wheels (that was the biggest thing we’re not used to – the very bumpy ride on uneven roads that we don’t ever notice with the BOB), in general, after this first weekend, I think it’s an excellent umbrella stroller. It handles well, the near-full recline is awesome, and I could hang my diaper bag on the handles and it did not tip over when we took T out, which was a pleasant surprise.

Wish us luck with the new wheels on the big trip. If T can get his nap on, I’ll be one happy mommy. And the BOB will be waiting for us when we get home.

Here we are breaking in the Liteway this weekend:

And just for fun, here is T talking to the ducks at the pond at the zoo today:


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