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September 6, 2012 / mommy brain

The most badass 0.15 seconds of fame ever

My episode of Breaking Bad aired!!!! Perhaps it’s not quite time to quit my day job to kick off a lucrative career as a TV star an extra, but it was pretty cool, and at least a couple people recognized me, and gazillions of loyal BB fans could see me on the screen, so for a split moment in time, I was, pretty much, a badass.

Photo of our TV

If you missed it, I am in the park scene toward the end of episode 7, season 5. Watch for cops walking into the park, and then you’ll see me smiling away, as if  I’m like,”Hey guys, it’s me, I’m on Breaking Bad!!”

Screen shots

Don’t worry, I am not giving much away for those of you not up to date on Breaking Bad. Well, there was a park scene, and it turned out to be a pretty important scene if I do say so myself, BUT I am not spoiling anything for those of you not with the program and behind. Not that I am one to talk. We haven’t seen the last episode, so the one after mine, which is the last one of this year since this final season is split in two halves, the second of which won’t start up again till 2013, because we’ve been tired this week lame old people who go to bed at 9:05PM. To be fair, my excuse for being tired is my awesome girls’ party weekend, which is not that lame of an excuse.

Now that the episode is out there for everyone to see, I can tell you a story about my day on the set. This scene, which seems so simple when you see it, was filmed many times over for a few hours that morning. And for the first take, I was told to walk across the park to another person, and I was to strike up a conversation. So I walked over, and when I got there, I started talking, saying stuff like “Hey how’s it going? Gorgeous day, eh? What are you doing later? blah blah blah,” and they filmed me doing this for a while. Then they called “cut” and announced, “Just so everyone is clear, we are not actually talking in this scene. We are pretending to talk; no need to talk out loud.” Woops! Got it. First time extra over here feeling like an idiot. They were super nice about it, though, and just kept shooting. In fact, I have to say that everyone I met that day was nice and professional, and they made sure the extras on the set that day had a good experience. Not a shocker considering the caliber of this show, but I was still impressed.



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  1. m / Sep 6 2012 1:38 PM

    omg can you please watch the finale.. i can’t believe you’ve waited this long!!

  2. flujan / Sep 7 2012 12:05 AM

    Nice— just don’t go buy any of that “candy” from the Candy Lady LoL!!!

    • mommy brain / Sep 13 2012 12:33 AM

      Ha! No worries there! The only “blue meth” I’ve had was the blue jolly ranchers I crushed to look like Walt and Jesse’s “product” for our halloween costume a couple years ago.

  3. CleverrealityDerek / Sep 13 2012 4:06 PM

    that’s pretty cool.

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