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August 31, 2012 / mommy brain

Sad but convenient: I am old enough to re-wear clothes I wore many years ago because they are back in style

Earlier this week, I was shopping in my own closet to prepare for an upcoming bachelorette party weekend, which kicks off tonight. I am, by the way, super excited about it. Girls night out is something I refuse to give up even though I’m now a mommy, but it’s obviously not something I can pull off very often. I have been out to a grand total of TWO girls-nights-out this year, so a whole weekend of chillin’ at the pool, girl talk, girly bachelorette party celebrations, bar-hopping, and dancing will be awesome! And I’m very excited to celebrate my friend who is getting married in a couple months! Of course, I will miss my little guy (and the big one, too!) like crazy, but I’ll be back Sunday afternoon, and Monday is a holiday, so I’ll have lots of extra mommy time on Labor Day. Plus he’s in very capable hands with da-da. I hear the boys have lots of plans for “guy weekend.” I’m sure they will do lots of crafts and activities drink beer and watch football.

Anyway, back to shopping in my own closet and picking outfits for the big weekend. All the girls except for the bride are wearing black (or mostly black) Saturday night, and as I was looking through all the black tops, bottoms and dresses I have, I came across a couple things I forgot about and put together this outfit. Not the right look hoochy enough for a bachelorette party weekend, but I’ll definitely try to wear this outfit some time soon for an evening event or even date night. The skirt is one I bought to wear at our engagement party in 2006, and the top I bought at least five years ago. The belt is a recent purchase, and I like the bright yellow on black with the puffy skirt. Must find reason to wear this soon.

Top: H&M 2007-ish

Skirt: White House Black Market 2006

Belt: Target this summer

Shoes: Coach (Love these…bought on sale for $90! Wore for a wedding I was in this past winter)

You can barely see the skirt in one photo and not at all in the second, but because I like photos from the past of  me younger, here are some old vintage pics from the engagement party:

And in the same part of my closet, I found the dress that I wore the day before our wedding in Poland. I loved this dress, and it must be back in style because it perfectly matches a pair of shoes I got this summer. I wound up wearing this outfit this week because we don’t have much of summer left, and I thought it was a pretty great summer look.

Dress: Banana Republic 2007

Shoes: Target this summer

And here I am in that same dress in ’07 with my friend the day before G and I got married. And, just for fun, a photo of Old Town Poznan, my hometown, from that same day. My sister and I are taking T there to meet his great-grandmas in September. I’m somewhat nervous about this, but super excited to see the family and bring T to mama’s hometown. Lots more on that later 😉

Old Town Poznan (where I’m from and where we had our wedding AND where T and Auntie M and I are off to in just a few weeks!)



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  1. Felicia Kemp / Sep 14 2012 7:12 AM

    I hope your travels abroad with T are just as successful as ours! 🙂

    • mommy brain / Sep 14 2012 7:34 AM

      I LOVED all the posts about your recent Euro adventure and all the gorgeous photos! We won’t be gone as long, but I really hope our trip goes as smoothly as yours did. Sounds like Logan had lots of great adventures, and it was an amazing experience for the whole family!

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