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August 28, 2012 / mommy brain

I wanna be like Mike!

I took T to the park after daycare last Friday afternoon, and the place was packed with big kids. I chatted with one of the mommies at the swingset and learned that the High School track team was having a pot lock party to kick-off the season. T was having a blast watching all the excitement because he’s always fascinated by big kids and what they can do that he can’t.

While still on the swing, he spotted a basketball left behind by one of the kids in the playground. He immediately started pointing at it, saying, “ball. ball! BALL!!” and requested that we stop swinging and go play with the ball because we can’t just let it sit there and not play with it. I thought he’d play catch with mommy for a while, but instead he ran right over to the basketball court adjacent to the playground and threw the ball right at the group of high school boys playing basketball! The boys were pretty surprised, but T was laughing and clapping for himself, and looked like he was ready to shoot some hoops. They all laughed and brought the ball back over to him, and I apologized for the rude interruption of their game, but they were very nice about it and T was very excited to run after the ball one of the big boys threw to him.

The big kids took a break to eat a few minutes after that, so T and I got the court to ourselves, and he had a blast running after and throwing the ball. A little bit later, the owner of the ball, a boy who looked to be about seven, showed up, and I said he could have his ball back right away, but he insisted on letting T play with it some more, and he even played with him, which of course, made T very happy because big kids are pretty much the coolest thing ever.

Because his dad is a sports fanatic and is thrilled to watch T get so excited about anything sports-related, T received a “kid-sized” basketball later in the weekend, which of course he went nuts over.


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