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August 24, 2012 / mommy brain

Even “easy” babies have cranky days…or weeks…right?

I have to admit, I feel spoiled sometimes by the easy-going nature of my little guy. He’s just happy most of the time. He definitely requires a ton of energy because he likes to play and run around (and climb on top of things that he can fall off and crack his head open as a result) all day long when he’s not napping, and he can get over-stimulated and crash, so I should not call him “easy,” but he is certainly easy-going and happy most of the time. He’s never really cried much, either, not as a baby and not as a toddler. Yep, he’s awesome, and I’m super happy for it.

Of course, none of this was the case most of this week. Not at all.

This past week, T became super irritable and cranky and (gasp!) cried a bunch for no reason. Even the daycare ladies said that he was not his usual happy playful self. Everyone agreed that he was “off,” but we weren’t sure why because he didn’t seem sick (slight runny nose but no fever or anything like that), he was getting enough sleep, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. By Wednesday, the daycare ladies told me they noticed him crawling and not walking, which is odd because he’s been walking and running for a couple months now, and they thought it was possible he couldn’t hear them very well, so they were concerned that perhaps his ears were clogged from the cold, or perhaps he even had an ear infection, which kiddos sometimes have without a fever.

Side note – one of his little comrades at daycare was, for many months, a really cranky baby and toddler. He would literally cry most of the day, and he was cranky most of the time he wasn’t crying. Finally, the parents figured out he had ear infections, without a fever, and he now has tubes in his ears. He is like a completely different child now. Before the tubes, he was not walking at all at 15 months, and he started walking the same week the tubes were inserted and he’s now an easy-going happy toddler. I spent a little extra time at daycare this week, so I saw this little boy and was truly amazed at the difference.

Anyhow, because of this, the daycare ladies are extra sensitive to any possible ear infection issues. I decided the ear infection theory was a real possibility, so we went to see the doctor yesterday. I got a same-day appointment, so of course, it was right in the middle of T’s nap, but I picked him up from daycare, and sure enough, even on half a nap, he was his usual super happy charming self at the doctor’s office, flirting with the nurses and very happy to explore the office. The doc said his ears were perfect and he didn’t see any reason to do a hearing test, and T was walking and running all over the office, so he was not concerned about the crawling earlier in the week. He seemed back to normal yesterday evening and this morning as well.

I guess he was just having an off week, which he is of course bound to have again. It’s tough, though, when you don’t know why your kiddo is having a hard time. As I think about having bambino #2, I wonder if I’m doomed to have a crankier baby the second time around? Hopefully not; I’d LOVE another one just like my little T-bear.

Here he is contemplating what to order for lunch:



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  1. P / Aug 25 2012 10:29 AM

    Does he have any teeth coming in? Like molars maybe?

    • mommy brain / Aug 27 2012 9:50 AM

      Yes, that’s definitely a possibility! I can’t really tell because it’s hard to get a look inside his mouth, but that could explain the “off” behavior and crankiness. And he was gnawing on his fork last week. He was back to normal this weekend, but I’m trying to watch for teething!


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