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August 5, 2012 / mommy brain

My professional traveling baby, makes mom and dad’s life easy even when United does everything in its power to make life suck

So far, knock on wood, T has been a really good traveler. I write this while stuck overnight at the Montreal airport as I watch him sleeping in his stroller. Why is my little guy asleep in a stroller at 3:45AM in the Montreal airport, you ask? The answer is because United sucks. A lot. Seriously, I know I just recently bashed American, but it turns out that United sucks just as much.

In order to travel to G’s hometown in Canada, we have to fly all day with two stops, but we’ve done this so many times, we know the drill and we picked the most baby-friendly itinerary possible. Layovers coordinated with his meal times. Layovers long enough, 3 hours each, to make missing a connection very unlikely. We know our baby travel tricks. We’re experts.

Well, United showed us. Turns out that no amount of prep can undo the fact that they are a truly crappy airline. Our flight from Dulles to Montreal was 4 hours delayed, meaning we missed the last flight from Montreal to G’s hometown, with no explanation from anyone, including the customer service agent. We waited in line over an hour for the privilege of speaking with this customer service agent who basically said, “I am completely useless.” She told us that our best bet was to go on to Montreal and to talk to an agent once we got there. Once we got to Montreal, all United agents were apparently either hiding out from tired passengers or off for the night because nobody was around. AND no hotel anywhere near the airport had any rooms left because of some huge festival. Awesome. An airport official called the secret United agent hide-out cave, and they told her they were sending someone right away. Two more phone calls and two hours later, an agent showed up to tell us that they can’t do jack shit for us.

Thanks, United Airlines, for sucking major ass.

Anyway, despite the long day of travel and now the overnight in his stroller, T is sleeping away. He wasn’t bothered when some dude also spending the night in this terminal started snoring so loudly, an airport official came over to wake him up. I”m not sure what he said to him in French, but it sounded serious. Like snoring in public is a major Frenchie offense. G was too tired and too enthralled in his bejeweled game to translate for me. T has jumped in his sleep every time an announcement has blared over the loud speaker, but he’s stayed asleep. I’m not sure all these announcements are necessary at 3:45AM, but that’s besides the point.

T perusing a magazine on a flight. He was checking out fall fashion previews.

T was so good all day long, making friends on each flight and during the layover. Eating when it was time to eat and napping when it was time to nap. He’s a sweetie, and he makes mom and dad’s life easy even when Untied does everything in its power to make it suck.

Ok, I’m done with all this negativity. Seriously, I’m not going to let United ruin the great family week we have ahead of us. I’m actually not that tired even though I’m up in the middle of the night, and I’m super excited to get to G’s dad’s place and to see everyone. I am going to meet our new 1-month old nephew tomorrow, in a few hours actually, and I fully expect a major case of baby fever as soon as I see him.


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  1. M / Aug 6 2012 10:21 AM

    I think as an industry, flying has just gone downhill. So glad, T-bear is an expert flyer. and yes, very good attitude, no need to let this ruin the week!

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