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July 23, 2012 / mommy brain

Workin’ for the weekend

My life is pretty much about rocking out during awesome weekends and looking forward to the next one as soon as the last one is over. This means a) I’m really good at weekends, and b) my weekdays have been less awesome lately, which leads me to conclude that I should a) extend my weekends and b) reduce my work week? Yes! That, I believe, would solve all my problems.

We kicked off our weekend with an Isotopes game Friday night. This is the first game we’ve had a chance to catch since we came back to NM, but we really should go more often because it’s always a good time. G’s company hosted a family night, and we had a lot of fun hanging out with friends, chowing down on burgers and hot dogs, and T loved all the excitement of his first pro baseball game. We didn’t bring the stroller because T is walking a lot more now, which is awesome, but he is one heavy little dude when he gets tired of walking, and I need to carry him back to our car in the far (FAR) parking lot.

Here I am with T during batting practice, which started promptly Saturday morning since T is now all about baseball in addition to hockey, soccer, basketball and anything else that involves a ball or a stick or both.

(This is actually the second time T and I wore matching outfits this weekend, but sadly, we didn’t get a photo of Friday night’s mommy-and-me ensemble.)

Saturday morning, T and I headed to swim class, and I have to brag for a moment because Mr. T decided he was done with the cranky-pants act during swim class and it was time to become a star swim student. I was so proud of him! He let the instructor hold him to work on his technique, and he can now be passed from one person and he floats for a few seconds before the person on the receiving end grabs his hands. And he’s learning to crawl out of the pool and jump in! And he’s all about this floating bar. All I do is hold onto his butt while he holds himself up with this thing. AND he blows bubbles. It’s all amazing, and I am one proud swim mama. I’m not sure he’ll make the 2016 Olympics, but I think we’re looking good for 2020.

After swim class, we had a family lunch on the patio at Il Vicino, and after my quarterly annual car wash, we spent some time at Lowe’s picking out new ceiling fans, which are required since we had an unfortunate ladder smash into ceiling fan incident. (Supposedly I should have told G he was about to smash the ladder into the fan; my bad.) We found a good deal on some nice looking fans, so now we just need to find someone willing to climb up to our two-story high living room ceiling to install them. Someone who will not smash into any other currently working objects would be preferable.

After all that excitement on Saturday, G and I went out for date night that evening after hot nanny our babysitter came over to watch T-Bear. T was happy to have a date with his babysitter while mom and dad went out to an awesome place called Vernon’s Hidden Valley Steak House. This place is so awesome, you need a password just to get in. It was a really fun experience, starting with one of the best cocktails I’ve had in a long time, excellent steak, great wine selection (according to G who knows his vino; I’m easy to please in that department but have to say our fancy-sounding wine that the server claimed was special and secret and only available with a password was very tasty), and live music to finish off the evening. You feel like you’re walking into a speakeasy and stepping back in time at this place, and it’s all done really well with excellent service. I highly recommend it, but I should add that it’s probably one of the most expensive restaurant I’ve ever dined at in NM, which means it’s about what you’d expect in cities like NYC or SF, but quite steep for the land of enchantment.

Sunday morning, T and I met up with some new mommy friends and their kiddos at the zoo, and T rode the zoo train for the first time. I am a huge fan of the abq zoo, but I’m not quite sure the zoo train route was designed by the sharpest tool in the shed. You get glimpses of some of the animals but spend more time looking at the backs of building and water tanks than anything else. And the train conductor gave us a lot of detail about some of the animals’ reproductive habits, details I’m sure moms of older kids are dying to explain to them when they ask about it later. Mom, what is artificial insemination? And why doesn’t the girl camel like to get it in on with the boy camel? Luckily, T was very busy trying to crawl or walk or jump off the train so it went by very quickly for me. He was showing off for his new friends, walking around the zoo like a pro. For a few minutes at a time anyway before giving mom’s arms another workout. It was a fun morning, and I’m really happy a good friend of mine connected me with these new mommy friends.

After the zoo adventure, T and I both took a long nap. BIG win.

And after T went to bed Sunday night, G and I concluded the weekend with the new episode of Breaking Bad. This second episode of the season did NOT disappoint. Mike is such a softie. And I think Hank is onto Walt. And the new chick is both annoying and intriguing at the same time. Jesse is the best, and Walt is pure evil. Hopefully Marie is back next week; wouldn’t it be awesome if she figured out the whole thing before Hank did?

And that was it. Weekends are the best. Mondays not so much. Although I just had lunch with G and a good friend, and they cheered me up. Plus I’m one step closer to convincing G to let me play in his fantasy football league this year. And the Olympics start in just a few days!

I’ll leave you with some fuzzy footage of T-bear walking like a champ 😀



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  1. auntie m / Jul 23 2012 5:14 PM

    omg spoiler alert!!! whats the awesome drink??
    and t is definitely going to be in the 2018 olympics. youngest gold medalist yet.

    • mommy brain / Jul 23 2012 10:27 PM

      It was a vodka cucumber gimlet made with Wodka brand Polish vodka. Good stuff!

  2. P / Jul 24 2012 12:48 PM

    Wow, he’s walking! That’s awesome. He’ll be running around with my boys in no time. :). And I have to agree, that zoo train is really lame. And we’ve done it at least 5 times so far…

  3. Felicia Kemp / Jul 25 2012 8:38 PM

    You crack me up, chica. Love reading your blog. 🙂 Happy you enjoyed meeting up with Rebecca & Beth. I wasn’t kidding – you are all seriously amazing women!

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