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July 18, 2012 / mommy brain

Hockey Mom

T went to his first hockey game this week. It was technically his second, but he was very sleepy the first time we tried. It’s his fourth game if you count the times he attended while still in my belly, including this last Sharks game I went to at 8 months preggo. Yes, I am a great wifey! Every time I got up to go to the bathroom at this game, the people next to us would ask, “Is it time?” to check if I was going into labor. How thoughtful. Nope, I just had go pee every 5 minutes.

G’s new season just started, and the first game was at a baby-friendly time, so we had a great time as the small but dedicated daddy cheering section.

G’s team won the league championship last season, and pretty much all the other seasons he’s played. The only time his team didn’t win was when we moved temporarily to another state, so he couldn’t finish the season. If I sound like I’m bragging it’s because I am, but G would tell you all this himself if he had the opportunity.

None of this should be surprising because he is from Canada where they teach babies how to play hockey before they teach them how to eat with a spoon. He claims this year’s team is not looking like championship material yet, but with this new fan cheering them on in the stands, I think chances of reclaiming the cup are good.

T got really into the game. He followed the action closely, and got annoyed when I stuck the camera in his face obstructing his view. I told him it was Dada out there on the ice, but he was skeptical and downright shocked (flabbergasted even!) when we walked down near the ice in between periods and Dad skated over to say hi. When G took off his mask, T was like “No way!! THAT is my dad! What???!” It was all pretty darn cute. And then it was time to go because it was way past his bedtime, and I didn’t want to end the big night out with a big ol’ meltdown.

I think the probability of my life revolving around hockey within a few years is significant. T is half Canadian, and he took an interest in his little hockey mini stick early on.

And at 10 months, with no coaxing from Dad, he started moving his little basketball and other balls around with his hockey stick. Check out his stick handing moves!

I am looking forward to the hockey mom life, but I need to find a way to be in charge of more than the juice boxes and orange slices. I asked G if I could be the “team manager” if he coaches T’s future team, and he paused and said that I could perhaps write the team newsletter. Whatt? That doesn’t sound very important at all.


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  1. Jonathan / Jul 18 2012 4:39 PM

    Greetings from the other side of the planet šŸ™‚ Our eldest daughter was “spotted” by a local soccer coach at primary school, and drafted into the town girls team… guess who gets to stand in the cold on Saturday mornings cheering on a bunch of head-strong girls now…

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