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July 17, 2012 / mommy brain

My son’s eternal happiness can be purchased for $9.99 or less

Of all the toys you can buy your baby, it’s amazing how much happiness the simplest thing can bring. We’ve all seen how overcome with joy babies become given an empty box.

Cats have the same reaction by the way.

You can also substitute the box with a cat to replicate the reaction of baby to box.

T  totally made out on his birthday a few weeks ago, but one of his most used birthday-related acquisitions has been his baby pool filled with plastic balls. Slightly more expensive than a box, but not by much. He still dives in several times a day. Here he is on his birthday:

And the most recent object of affection and joy delivery system that can be purchased for less than five bucks at the dollar store or preferably Target: A large bouncy ball.

This provided instant entertainment while at Target, and extended joy every day since we brought it home.

Btw, I had a haircut appointment for T at a kiddy salon last weekend, but I totally chickened out and cancelled it. So there he is with his hair crazy as ever.

And just so you all don’t think he’s a cheap date, T does love his more luxurious toys, but it’s great to see how much fun and entertainment the simplest thing can provide. It also helps if you play background dance music while playing with simple toys, creating an instant dance party, a favorite activity at our place, pre and post baby. Lady Gaga and Cookie Monster are two of T’s favorite dance party artists.

As an aside, while searching for cat-in-box photos (and failing..thankfully my friend has a perfect two-cats-in-box photo), I found this gem. Merry Christmas in July!


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