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July 13, 2012 / mommy brain

Happy National French Fry Day!

Today is National French Fry Day! Don’t believe me? Take a look right here at my son’s official daycare calendar.

Need more proof? No problem –>

I can’t believe that I have gone all these years completely unaware of this important holiday. This year, I plan to celebrate accordingly. Well, I’ve actually been celebrating all week. Let’s face it, to the detriment of my love handles and in the interest of the eternal happiness of my taste buds, I’m a big supporter of potato farmers and fry cooks around the world throughout the year. Be it a drive-thru at 2AM or a fancy schmancy restaurant that serves steak frites, I just can’t resist my favorite side dish any time snack.

As part of my ode to french fries on National French Fry Day, I’ve compiled my list of top french fry establishments, both chains and non-chains. Take a looksie.

Best french fries available at a chain or fast food joint

(according to yours truly):

5. Chili’s

Even when I try to order a salad here when I meet G for lunch, I do it only if I know G is ordering a burger and fries so I can steal a few eat half of his fries. Even the Huffington Post agrees with me.

4. In-N-Out

If you are from California or anywhere near it, you are likely to be religiously devoted to the shrine that is In-N-Out. I am part of the fan club, and their greasy fries are delicious.

We lived in California for a year, and the second half of my pregnancy, and the house we lived in was 1.5 miles from an In-N-Out. Mhhmmm…let’s just say I was well acquainted with the very freindly drive-through staff.

They sort of skipped right over New Mexico in their expansion from Cali to Nevada and now Texas. What gives In-N-Out? I think it has something to do with their distribution locations, but I feel like they could find a way to satisfy New Mexico’s In-N-Out munchies with just one, preferably near my house, location in abq.

3. Red Robin

I have one word to describe their endless fries, which G prefers to get with a side of ranch dressing: Yum!

2. Wendy’s

I was worried when they “revised” their fries a few years ago to the “natural cut fries with sea salt.” Why mess with something that’s already so great, I thought. Turns out it was a good move, and Wendy’s managed to make their great fries even better. And yes, dipping them in delicious frosty is still the right move.

1. McDonald’s

Good ol’ Micky D’s. MacDo’s. Whatever you want to call it; the consistent quality of the golden arches never disappoints, and I’m lovin’ it every time. I still remember the first time I had McDonalds. I was seven years old, and we were in Germany. I had some delicious fries, and a small hamburger, and I scarfed them down in a spotless high ceiling dining area complete with a piano and piano player. This was when Euro McDos were still few and far between and quite fancy. Things have changed, and McDos are now all over Europe, and the rest of the world. Here’s a fun link I found highlighting some of the strangest McDonald locations around the globe:

I remember when I first saw the Pantheon in Rome, truly one of the most amazing architectural sites in the whole world, and then turned my head to see the golden arches directly across from it. In some cities, a McDonalds map can double as a pretty handy map of the sites. I wish I still had my McDonalds Rome map.

Best french fries available at non-chain restaurant

(according to what I can recall from decades of thorough french fry enjoyment all over the world):

5. Rancho Burger

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

It’s definitely possible that I’m putting them on my list because the trip we took to Santa Teresa was awesome, and we ate here about 6 times during the weeklong stay. I do remember I loved the fries, and it looks like TripAdvisor agrees with my high rating of this shack on the dusty Santa Teresa road situated in between the gorgeous beach and the spectacular rain forest. The location helps, but the fries did as well. Look how happy we look:

Interestingly, two of the four food photos I took during this trip included french fries. Yes, I am that sophisticated.

4.  Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill

MGM Grand, Vegas

I realize that this is technically a chain, but I can only speak to this particular Wolfgang Puck restaurant, and I also just remembered that the delicious appetizer I wanted to include here was actually the “Truffled Potato Chips, Maytag Blue Cheese Sauce.” Well, I don’t have time to adjust my list, and these non-fries were amazing. Look how happy we were after eating them:

3. Chama River Brewing Company

Albuquerque, NM

One of my favorite watering holes right here in abq, this places serves up delicious sweet potato fries to go along with some very tasty beers.

2. Pomme Frites

East Village, NYC

This is the closest thing I’ve seen to a Belgian fry shop in the states. The fries and fancy array of sauces were lavishly delicious, served in a gigantic paper cone.

1. Belgium fry shop

any Belgian city; I recommend Bruges.

The world headquarters of fries; tasty frites in paper cones available for your endless enjoyment on most every street corner in most any city in Belgium.


What do you think? Which fry joints would your list include? Happy National French Fry Day, and be careful out there!



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  1. M / Jul 13 2012 10:34 AM

    This list is very informative.. I think you have a future in top 5 junk food lists for sure. hahah and who calls McDonald’s, MacDo’s?? I have never heard of that, but it made me laugh.

    • mommy brain / Jul 13 2012 10:37 AM

      You’ve never heard it called it that in Europe? Or at least European commercials? Maybe I made it up, but it sounds right in my head when thinking of Euro McDonalds 😉

      • M / Jul 13 2012 10:43 AM

        Okay, I figured it out.. I think they call MacDowell’s, MacDo’s in Coming to America.. which is one of the greatest movies of all time.. So I can see how this has influenced you..
        Also to answer your question, I would add Sonic’s OLD fries to the list.. They were soo good.. But now they’re not as much. Mickey D’s are still my fav.

  2. M / Jul 13 2012 1:04 PM

    I’m commenting again haha.. Okay so I just took a good look at T’s daycare menu. First, I am impressed they plan the whole month in advance. Second, looks like T is eating pretty good! Chow mein, beef stragonoff! and Third, I love the PM snacks.. Chips and Salsa?? I’m laughing imagining a bunch of 1 yr olds just sitting and chatting whilst dipping their chips in the salsa. They should give them baby virgin margs to go with it! It’ll be like happy hour!

    • M / Jul 13 2012 1:04 PM

      erg. eating well.. grammar nazi has to fix her mistake..

    • mommy brain / Jul 13 2012 1:19 PM

      I just spent a few minutes laughing at the thought of t and his comrades with baby margaritas for baby happy hour to go along with their chips and salsa. I should suggest it to the daycare; pretty sure they’d worry and pray for t if I did so. So they actually get something other than chips in the baby room and the toddler room because chips could still be a choking hazard for the little ones. They substitute something like fruit on those days in the toddler room.

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