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July 12, 2012 / mommy brain

Thank God Breaking Bad is BACK this Sunday!!

It’s an exciting time at our place this week because Breaking Bad will soon be back to make our lives less boring and more gangsta. Walt and Jesse are back starting this Sunday night! We’re not just excited because I am now officially part of the show; we’re mainly excited because it is hands down the most badass way to spend an hour staring at your TV. What better way is there to spend the precious time you have after your 1-yr old goes to bed than to learn how to deal with bitches, how to not be harassed inside your private domicile, and how to take over a meth/fried chicken empire.

If you are not up to date on Breaking Bad…then first of all, what is the matter with you?? Stop watching all the crap you’re watching and get with the program. You have 3 days to catch up before season 5 starts. Also, you may want to stop reading (and skip to the photo at the bottom) because I am technically going to include some spoilers related to season 4.

What could they possibly do to make season 5 (the final (sniff!) season) as good as season 4?? I said it before, and I’ll say it again. After season 4, they could have ended the series and it would be a masterpiece. Lucky for us, the show is back, but how will the final chapter go down? Will Walt take over Gus’ empire? Will he also take over the Pollos Hermanos fried chicken operation? How will he have time to operate a meth/fried chicken/carwash conglomerate?? Obviously, Skylar will be in charge, but how will it all work logistically? Will Saul Goodman “go with the winner” once again and turn things around after the “end times.” Will Marie branch out to new colors or stick to a purple-only world and wardrobe? Will Hank finally realize how great his purple-loving klepto (nobody’s perfect!) wife is? Will Skylar go with daycare or a nanny for Holly? Will Jesse find out what Walt did??? Will they stay BFFs? Can Walt sustain the badass gangsta calculate-every-move-because-I’m-still-a-scientist-using-the-scientific-method-as-I-manuever-the-gangsta-landscape-and-knock-off-bitches ride he is on??

What do YOU think??

As a side note, I think this a good time to include this photo of me and G dressed up as Jesse and Walt for Halloween 2010 at my friends’ annual and awesome halloween party. It’s definitely possible these hazmat suits I found on eBay and purchased on a shady corner downtown came from a real meth lab. They were super comfy; excellent for first trimester bloated me. I had early-preggo fat face, but I swear I didn’t weigh 300 lbs at 2 months preg; the suit was just puffy.



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  1. M / Jul 12 2012 1:52 PM

    why is G wearing glasses? was this before LASIK? or to pull off the Walt look? and you’ll be proud to hear I didn’t read the spoilers… still on season 3.

    • mommy brain / Jul 12 2012 4:02 PM

      The glasses were a key part of the costume to pull together the Walt persona. And hopefully you can get through the rest of season 3 AND 4 this week. You may want to consider skipping work tomorrow to get it done.

      • M / Jul 26 2012 8:21 AM

        G really should have shaved his head and grown a goatee to really cement the walt look.. you’re good as Jesse.

  2. Johno / Oct 18 2012 11:33 AM

    Looks good! Do you have a link of the ebay page you bought them from?

    • mommy brain / Oct 24 2012 2:38 PM

      Unfortunately, I don’t because this was a couple years ago. The guy I bought them from only had a few. Good luck!

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