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July 2, 2012 / mommy brain

She blinded me with science! And sea creatures.

Mommy and Me weekend was a big success. After a winning swim class, we decided to get our science on and headed up to Explora, the children’s science museum here in abq. Lots of scientific learning ensued.

T learned about kinetic energy.

And he learned about photons.

And about the spectrum of light. (No, sticking a finger in an electric socket was not part of the exhibit; his hair is just like that.)

After Explora, we went to Target, which is almost as fun as a museum.

The sensitive wipes, Mom!

And btw, mom returned something and did not purchase anything new for herself. Usually when I return something, the feeling of “way to go financial responsibility” quickly turns into “oooh, those neon green shorts are so cute.” But seriously, how am I supposed to get through the summer without neon green shorts?? We avoided this conundrum by steering clear of the mommy section, heading directly to the wipes section.

Sunday afternoon, we checked out the aquarium, and T LOVED it. Seriously, he thought the fish in the fish tanks were the coolest things he had ever seen. He told every one of the fishies how much he loved them.

T learned about little fish.

And big fish.

And thought they were all AMAZING!

After the aquarium, we stopped at the botanical gardens next door.

As soon as he saw this, T was like, “Mom, we have GOT to get a fountain! Have you seen how freakin cool this is??” Meanwhile, Mom was messing with her phone camera and almost missed him diving in head first. Oops!

Who knows if T will become a physicist or a marine biologist, or if he’ll have time for any of that in addition to his NHL and pro tennis careers. I do know he enjoys getting down with science, and we both had a great weekend. I will also say that solo parenting this weekend has been cake not as tough as I mentally prepped for. I do love my mommy and me time, but we both miss G. Skyping has helped, but T is wondering why dad is in the iPad and if he knows what happened to Elmo.



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  1. flujan / Jul 2 2012 1:47 PM

    Great photos— what a cutie! When I can get up to Albuquerque from Santa Fe, I love to visit those places and the Museum of Art and History.

    • mommy brain / Jul 2 2012 8:41 PM

      Thanks! We’ll definitely check out the Museum of Art and History some time soon, too! And the Museum of Natural History & Science is on our list as well.

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