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June 30, 2012 / mommy brain

Major mommy brain WIN at swim lessons! Woohoo!!

While G is partying it up, er preparing for his conference, in Rio, we went to swim lessons this morning. It was just like Rio.

G sent this pic to show us how hard he is working.

So at swim lessons, I wore my bikini; T wore his bright orange board shorts; there was a pool bar and dancing…ok, so not totally the same as Rio, but close. Anyway, T had a major breakthrough in that he stopped being a total klingon and let the teacher show him some moves and pass him to me a bunch of times to practice “swimming.” And he kind of blew some bubbles in the water like the teacher showed him. Or drank the water. Whatever, close enough. I also figured out that he likes to go FAST in the water. When I’m pulling him along, he prefers it if I’m running at full speed backwards in the water. Move it, Mom! Not a huge surprise because he’s a crazy little speed daemon and he likes to MOVE IT. I had a couple near misses nearly colliding with other mommies, but nobody got hurt.

Speaking of other mommies, the other big event at swim class – my mommy friend crush asked for my number so we can meet up for a playdate!! Big win! I brought it up first, and said, “we should meet up some time,” after she said, “my little guy doesn’t really have very many friends his age.” I had to make my move! And it worked! She asked for my cell after the class! Yay!!

Thanks, mom, for working on the playdate mission! You take direction so well.

And the third Mommy Brain WIN of the day (and it’s only 11:15AM!) – T is napping like a champ giving me some down time to clean up the house veg on the couch and watch Andy Roddick hopefully not eff up this match at Wimbledon. Over and out, peeps. Happy pre-4th-of-July-SHOULD-BE-a-5-day-weekend!


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  1. Felicia Kemp / Jul 3 2012 2:49 PM

    YAY!! You did it!!

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