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June 28, 2012 / mommy brain

Hurry back, Dad, Mama-Bear and T-Bear will miss you a lot!

To say that G is a great dad is a huge understatement. He does so much to make T’s life awesome, and I honestly can’t imagine parenting without him. I’ll be going it alone for the next week, though, so wish me luck. I’m going to need it. Just one example of G’s awesome daddyness – he makes ALL of T’s food. (And most of mine for that matter…but I can survive off Nutella, cheese, and wheat thins, so it’s cool.) But yes, that’s how awesome G is…when we’re home, T eats nothing but delicious home-made food that G prepares.

And to make this week easier, he pre-made enough food for T (and me) to eat (and lots extra in case he throws it all over the floor) for the whole week! Did I mention how awesome he is?

I hope he gets a good night’s sleep every night on the business trip. T is a great sleeper, but he can be a noisy sleeper even through the baby monitor, and while I can sleep through a fire alarm, G wakes up throughout the night when T talks in his sleep.

Before you go feeling too bad for G, I should mention where he is going. His “business trip” is to Rio de Janeiro. Ya. Tough, right?

Have fun in bikini supermodel land, Dad! Take some pics for me! : D


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