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June 19, 2012 / mommy brain

Fun For Father’s Day with our Furry and Fuzzy Friends

The photos above show T at one of his first favorite spot at the ABQ BioPark, in March, in April with his Auntie, and last weekend, checking out the sea lions, his second favorite furry friends after his brother from another mother, the big gorilla.

I love the ABQ BioPark. Well, to be fair, I like zoos in general, especially when they feel like a pleasant place to live for animals that had a rough go at it before coming there. The abq zoo is the nicest small zoo I’ve ever visited. They also host awesome outdoor concerts in the summer, so that is an added bonus. Many of the animals there are former pets, not animals born in the wild, so many of them are in a better place now that their home is the lovely, well taken care of, and much loved ABQ BioPark.

We purchased a family pass to the bio park this year, which is a screamin deal at only $59. We get unlimited access for all three of us to the zoo, aquarium and botanical gardens for 12 months. With the family pass, we don’t ever feel like we need to stay long for it to be worthwhile, so it’s just a great place to go for a walk any time we feel like it. And T LOVES looking at and chatting with his animal friends. His favorite is the big gorilla who he calls Da-Da.

This Father’s Day visit was extra fun because we stumbled upon a “show” and got front row seats for a fun showcase of various animals from around the world. T loved every minute, clapping for all the animals, especially the big owl when it flew across the stage!

Here are my guys before and during the show.

And after the show, some of the friendly zoo employees had some of the animals out for us to see up close. T got very excited about this pigmy hawk. I can’t blame him; the little guy was cute and very much T’s size. He so desperately wanted to give him a big hug and kiss, and the pigmy hawk seemed totally down with it, but sadly, the zoo employee insisted that hugs and kisses from T were not in the pigmy hawk’s interest.

We also got way more out of the cat section during this visit. This is mine and G’s favorite area of the zoo (big huge ferocious fluffy cats are the best!), but T was not that into them the first few visits. This time, he was all about it. Here he is with the snow leopards. The ABQ BioPark has a whole family of snow leopards, including babies, now rambunctious teenagers, born at the zoo last year. How awesome is that?? Snow leopards are super rare and super cool.



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  1. auntie m / Jun 19 2012 8:53 AM

    ahh that pygmy hawk is the cutest! Also, auntie m wants to know when t is going to visit the houston zoo with her!

    • mommy brain / Jun 19 2012 9:09 PM

      T would love to visit the Houston zoo with his Auntie M! You should invite him. His social calendar fills up quickly, but he’ll make it work for his Auntie!

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