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June 16, 2012 / mommy brain

Eight Items Essential In Securing The Awesomeness Of Our First Baby Beach Vacay

Our recent trip to Playa del Carmen went swimmingly.

Flying there and everything travel-related went smoothly, but we expected that because T is a pro traveling baby and knows the ropes. Since G and I are such cool and collected parents totally winging it most of the time, we didn’t worry too much about how the actual vacay would go figured the swim-up bar would make any crazy baby situation better.

As suspected, it turned out great, and we all had a blast.

While a typical trip for me and G is a bit more adventurous and budget-oriented a tad on the crazy side – our last big trip before this involved camping on safari in Botswana, changing a flat tire in the middle of the night up a mountain in a remote area of Lesotho, and swimming with great white sharks off the coast of South Africa – I was happy to go to a resort for our first vacay with bambino in tow. I have never stayed in an all-inclusive fancy schmancy resort before, but it was pretty fantastic to have everything there and taken care of for us, so we could focus on teaching T how to order a cervesa at the swim-up bar, the joys of sand in his toes, mouth and all other crevices, and the dangers and wonders of hammocks.

Eight items that helped make the trip even more awesome, which I highly recommend you consider stuffing in the six bags required for any baby-included vacation, are the following –>

1) Jogging stroller – BOB or similar or your regular stroller, just not umbrella stroller

Many people prefer to travel with an umbrella stroller because it’s lighter, but I prefer traveling with our regular stroller (we only own one, the BOB jogging stroller, which I LOVE. Well, plus snap-and-go we used when T was still happy to keep sleeping in car seat most places we went.) My reasons for taking the BOB along when I travel are:

  • If you go to the bathroom to change a baby and YOU also have to go to the bathroom, your life is much easier with your stroller.
  • This can be taken care of with an umbrella stroller, but what cannot is: Your baby napping comfortably during layover or napping for longer periods of time at the beach or poolside AND
  • Lugging all your beach/pool stuff, food and toys for bambino around without having to carry it and push a stroller at the same time makes life on vacay easier and more chill…and more chill is always better when babies are involved. You can’t drink as much while traveling with babies, so you have to find other ways to reduce stress
  • Also , you can jog on vacation, which I totally did a lot did once for 20 minutes but totally had intentions to do so way more often.

2) aden + anais muslin swaddle blankie

You may already know how awesome these particular swaddle blankies are, and if so, you probably also know how handy these are as instant shade for your sleeping munchkin. On vacay, this was essential for comfy shaded napping after the sun moves but you are not psyched to move all your stuff  from your sweet swim-up-bar-adjacent pool spot .

3) Baby floatie 

The necessity of this one is pretty self-explanatory. This particular Speedo one worked out really well.

4) Swim hat

The geniuses at Target positioned this Speedo swim hat right next to the above Speedo floatie, so of course I bought one, but I had no buyers remorse with this because it was very convenient to have a swim hat that was comfy and always on T’s head in the water, keeping his regular hat dry for apres-swim.

5) Inflatable ball

Here’s the thing about inflatable balls. They are inflatable, and they are balls. T, and I believe many kids his age, LOVES balls and they make him very happy at all times, so they are very handy. And the bigger the ball, the better. Luggage room is limited with all the other crap you need to bring, so packing large balls is tough, but inflatable ones take almost no room. Perfect.

6) Cute bright colored beach clothes for mommy

It’s  a proven fact that fashionable mommies are happier mommies and happier mommies result in more awesome vacations.

7) Long sleeve rash guard for baby

We brought two short-sleeve rash guards and one long-sleeve one and wound up really glad we had the long-sleeve option after T got a bit of sun.

8) This

And last but certainly not least, you must not, under any circumstances, go on vacay without a “Don’t you wish your mom was HOT like mine?” onesie for your baby. My friend brought this for me, and I believe she purchased them from a street vendor in NYC, but I am sure it’s possible to find an online site that sells them. Do it. Cute hat for your baby is optional, but also recommended.


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