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June 16, 2012 / mommy brain

12 Months of Mommy Brain!

I can’t believe my baby is 1!


Seriously, you guys, he’s in the toddler room at daycare now where he naps just once a day AND stays on his matt after he wakes up before nap time is over. WHAT?? And we’re down to 2 (sometimes 1) bottles a day. And he is acting way more like a toddler than a baby, climbing up flights of stairs, dunking baskets in his little basketball hoop and putting everything he can find into all our vases and pots. I have read that putting things into other things is toddler behavior. Our little guy is a little OCD with putting everything, blocks, books, his shoes, my shoes, whatever he can stuff in there, into this large decorative pot we have in the living room.

He’s also completely obsessed with all his balls (inflatable, basketball, bouncy, plastic and otherwise) and even moves them around with his mini hockey stick sometimes, which of course thrills his dad who is looking forward to his NHL career, and his mom who is looking forward to managing his professional tennis career. The hockey stick stuff is cute and all, but we all know real fame and glory is in tennis.


Anyway, all this toddler stuff makes me really happy but also sad that the baby period is coming to an end. Well I’m not really sad – we’re having way too much fun for anyone to be sad – but it does make me wish I had more time with T when he was a baby. The old mommy guilt creeps in….making me wish I could have worked less and spent more time at home during the first year…and now, too. Well, since my baby is no longer a baby, it must be time to have T’s little sister? Ha! Just kidding…I’m not quite ready for stretchy jeans and puking on the side of the road without any dancing on the bar the night before.. Not that I didn’t like being pregnant; I liked it, but the first trimester hated me. So not quite ready to dive back into the maternity section at Target. Even though they have some cute preggo stuff right now! But not yet. Besides, T is still my baby and always will be.


(No, I’m not trying to make T look like a girl. He’s so studley; he can totally pull off a pony-tail.)


We love you, big guy! Thanks for making life so awesome!!

T at 1 week old –>

T at 1 month old ->

T at 2 months old ->

T at 3 months old ->

T at 4 months old ->

T at 5 months old ->

T at 6 months old ->

T at 7 months old ->

T at 8 months old ->

T at 9 months old ->

T at 10 months old ->

T at 11 months old ->

T at 1 year old! ->


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