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June 5, 2012 / mommy brain

Daddies get mommy brain, too

This morning, T woke up at a less than optimal time too effing early for anyone in their right mind to be up, so I got up with him before the butt-crack of dawn, and we played with some of the cool new toys he received for his birthday this past weekend. And then G came downstairs to give me a break at his leisure, and took over at a more reasonable hour of the morning. I forgot all about the fact that I’d been awake for many hours and it was not yet even 8AM when G decided to whip up some of his delicious french toast for me and T. So in the end, it was  fun a morning with my guys.

Because T was having a great time chowing down the french toast, and breakfast took longer than usual, we decided that I would take him to daycare because I didn’t have any morning meetings and G did. Plus I wanted to take a spin around the block in the totally cool training trike thingy I got for T’s first bday. Totally selfish on my part. You see, while T was head-over-heels in love with the rocking horsie my sister got him from the moment he saw it….he was less than impressed with the trike when I brought it out, all proud of myself and the hours of research I spent reading up the pros and cons of various convertible 4-way trikes (yes they exist), on his birthday. But I knew he would love it once  he realized what it was for. But more on that in a sec.

As G was getting his stuff together to get out the door, I noticed him pacing around the house and then grabbing the house phone, and then I started to hear various cuss words as he ran up and the down the stairs, clearly looking for something. Me: What are you looking for? G: Can’t find my effing phone and I’m gonna be effing late. effing ef. Me: Ok, I’ll help you look.

I found this all very amusing because this is a sherade we go through every once in a while a couple times a day to find my phone. And G often makes fun of me for being a scatterbrain or the mommy brain taking over and imploding because I’m too busy finding the best coupon for Carters or researching pre-schools 1.5 years before T even starts pre-school to do things like remember where the eff my phone is. The one scatterbrain thing that G does do regularly is lose his belt in the house. While I could easily lose my phone in my own purse or car, I don’t have any trouble putting my belt (and other accessories) in the same place every time, but G likes to leave his in a new and exciting place every day. He usually has a back-up belt so it doesn’t cause the same kind of hold-up as a missing iPhone as was the case this morning.

In the end, he found the phone in the laundry hamper, which is a total mommy brain move, right mommies? So ya, as much as he makes fun of me and my mommy brain, I am not the only member of the household who suffers from this condition, and that makes me smile.

Something else that makes me smile – T totally loved the trike once I got it out onto our sidewalk, strapped him in and took him for a spin. Total mommy brain win!



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  1. Erica / Jun 6 2012 9:30 AM

    I absolutely love how you use the crossed out words in your blog! And how this lets us have a little insight into your daily life. 😀

    Little M is still enrolled in full-time-inside-mommy-daycare until September (I hope! too many preemies lately!) but once he is here I can’t wait for him to meet T

    • mommy brain / Jun 6 2012 10:45 AM

      Thanks, Erica! We are so excited to meet little M!! But not before September…keep cooking little guy!

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