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May 24, 2012 / mommy brain

Stage Five Clinger

We had an awesome time on vaca in Playa del Carmen. The week after vaca has not been quite as awesome. Well, it’s been awesome in that we had a great trip to reminisce about and we have a fun memorial day weekend of camping to look forward to and life is pretty good in general….except for the fact that our awesome baby has turned into a stage five clinger. He was great on vaca, slept through the night every night, had lots of fun playing in the sand and the ocean and getting lots of numbers at the pool bar. He’s  a frequent flyer (pretty sure his status is higher than mine), so the flights there were a breeze. And he LOVED racing through the airport on all fours. Seriously, I think he was taking notes all those times his mom was running to the gate to catch her flight preggo and then with him in the stroller or strapped in to the Ergo because it was full speed all the time while we were at the airport:

He was a professional vacation baby and we loved it.

And mommy loved spending every day with her little beach bum:

The week after the trip has been a learning experience humongous pain in the ass because T has become super clingy and basically loses it every time we walk away from him. And he’s been hysterical when we drop him off at daycare, something he never did even back when we first started daycare. Thank god he didn’t act that way the first week of daycare because I am not sure I could have left him there if he did. I know he enjoys hanging out with his little partners in crime on weekdays, though, because he loves being around other kids, so these recent hysterics are, I hope, the result of increased separation anxiety after a week of no separation whatsoever.

I think he just got used to having mom and dad around ALL DAY LONG, and he wasn’t ready for that to change. And I loved it, too. That has been one of the other not awesome parts of this week; I miss my little guy even more after a week of spending all day with him. I missed him during the day on weekdays before, too, but this week has been extra tough.

He also stopped sleeping through the night, which has been a killer for mom and dad because he’s more or less spoiled us with his champion sleeping throughout most of babyhood. Except when he’s been sick, he’s slept through the night pretty consistently since he was three months old. After we got back from Mexico, he woke up several times a night, the first couple nights every couple hours! In the past, if he woke up, he would just kind of have a conversation with himself and usually go back to sleep. This week, he would have a screaming match with himself until one of us came over to his room to pick him up.

I will say that last night was better, so I’m hoping we are heading back to awesome babyness. A friend of mine with two toddlers who gives me great baby advice all the time said that her boys have been off and slept like crap after trips as well, and she assured me that her pre-vaca babies always returned.

I hope my little Klingon goes back to normal soon. Not that I don’t enjoy all the extra hugs; I LOVE those. But I don’t want him crying all those crocodile tears every time I walk across the room to get a wipe or go to the bathroom. Has this happened to you after a trip? Any advice?


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