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May 8, 2012 / mommy brain

Shopping in my own closet – weekend edition

If I had not taken time for the grand closet re-organization all day throwing around of clothes and purging of huge piles of stuff I didn’t even recognize it had been so long since I wore it if ever, I would still be missing the belt and shoes that go with this dress. It’s pretty much my favorite dress ever, but it really only looks right with the previously lost in action belt and shoes. I was very excited for the outfit reunion, and rocked this look at a baby shower the very next weekend. Hopefully polkadots stay in style for a long time (puh-lease Pinterest gods, let it be so!) because I’d love to wear this for many years to come.

Dear H&M,

I know abq is not a fashion metropolis, but we have a huge population of stylish, budget-concious ladies who would spend much of their free time in your store if you were to place one here!


Mommy Brain

Outfit Specs

Dress and belt: H&M (bought in DC a couple yrs ago when visiting old friend)

Shoes: Nine West

Watch: La Mer. My fashionable little sister introduced me to these gorgeous (and not that pricey) watches. AND she spotted them on Gilt at 40% off! One smart cookie I tell you…she takes after her older sister.


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