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May 7, 2012 / mommy brain

Shopping in my own closet

This wouldn’t be a real mommy blog if I didn’t post some good ol’ outfits-of-the-day every once in a while, right? Well, how about a whole week of outfits-of-the-day?? Overload? Yes. But let me explain. I recently went through my WHOLE closet PLUS the closet in T’s room since T probably doesn’t want mommy’s b and c clothes in his closet now that his wardrobe has outgrown his changing table dresser. PLUS various bins I had stashed away PLUS boxes that were still not unpacked since our move back after a temp relocation. I had skinny clothes that I didn’t want to see during early-pregnancy (depressing!) packed away and preggo clothes still in my closet. Unacceptable. So I made a huge donate pile and took it over to the Big Brothers and Big Sisters donate drop off, which by the way, is awesome because they have a drive-through (brilliant!), offer friendly service and give you a bottle of icey-cold H2O, which on a sweaty day of unpacking and sorting, was much appreciated.

After this grand overhaul, I was feeling pretty good shopping in my *new* closet. I had so many options I completely forgot about! This was excellent news because on a different note, I’m trying to watch the bank account. Having a baby is expensive! And what if I ever want to stay home with T? Or decide it’s time to have T’s little sister? I’ve been trying to pull in the reigns in the shopping-for-me department. My initial solution to this was to only shop at Target because, you know, everything there is super cheap. Well, if I grab a new dress for myself every time I’m at Target to pick up diapers or cat food, it adds up real quick! So now, I’m even trying to cut  back on the Target-shopping, which is super difficult. But I am trying to only buy things that I absolutely need (hahaha) and also items that will go a long way…like a yellow belt that I can wear with several different outfits. Seeing my clothes decently organized all in one place also makes it easier to say no to another bright pink shirt the next time I’m at Target since I probably don’t need 6 instead of 5 bright pink shirts.

The week after the re-organization, I had a “good outfit week.”

I had no trouble picking out an outfit I liked each day, and felt good about myself all week. Shopping in my own closet is working out great, and the only new items I’ve purchased in weeks are two skinny belts at Target, one bright green and one bright yellow. Now…maintaining the closet in this form will be challenging! I just have to stay on my game and keep it organized. And proceed directly to the diaper and cat food sections while at Target.


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