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May 4, 2012 / mommy brain

Is life worth living when Breaking Bad is not on?

Probably not. Luckily I recently learned that season 5 will start airing in July. Thank god! I guess there are other good shows out there, but most of the crap on TV is just unbearable after you’ve seen Breaking Bad. The hubby and I were literally on the edge of the couch mouths wide open at the end of last season. I mean, WHAT on Earth can the writers possibly do after that??? They could have ended the whole series and it would be a masterpiece.

You may or not know this, but Breaking Bad is filmed right here in Albuquerque! It’s not why we started watching. The personal link that kind of drew in G  was that Walt’s a chemist and so is G. We watched one episode and decided we had to watch from the beginning. And life (or at least TV life) has not been the same since. And it became an added bonus that the whole story goes down right here in the Land of Enchantment.

The car wash?? I totally get my car washed there! Hank’s house?? Totally near our house. One of the doctors’ offices Walt and Skylar go to? An office building I have meetings in all the time. Ya, I’m pretty much a part of the show.

Look, here we are on the set of Season 5 with Bryan Cranston. I told him to wear more sunscreen; he’s so stubborn, just like Walt…  –>

We couldn’t stick around for the shooting of the promo video, which the Breaking Bad badasses just released yesterday –>

Maybe T and I should do a little Breaking Bad photo tour here in the 505? Now that is a great idea!


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