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May 3, 2012 / mommy brain

11 months of Mommy Brain!

I just started blogging about it, but I’ve had mommy brain for 11 months! Well, I guess mommy brain sets in when you’re preggo and obsessed with car safety ratings cute maternity dresses….but I’ve been a MOMMY for 11 months.

And I’m so lucky to be this stud muffin’s mama.

Words can’t describe how much we love this little guy. He’s awesome.

He crawls around like a little speed daemon, chasing cats and always looking for opportunities to sneak through open baby gates. He dunks baskets in his little basketball hoop like it’s his job. He’s a musical genius with the xylophone his Auntie got him. We’re not talking a baby xylophone, he is a real xylophonist playing a real xylophone. He pulls up to stand up every chance he gets, especially when there’s a kitty on the couch to pet whose fur needs to be pulled out. He walks with his walker, smiling his huge smile cuz he knows he’s all that. He says Da-da and Uh-oh among other things. He hams it up and flirts with all pretty ladies. He enjoys a good mess, but he understands that everything has its place, especially the red square block that mom and dad often put in the wrong spot on the block tray and also the remote control which goes on the coffee table not on the ground. He loves his inflatable globe ball, and he studies it carefully. He has already visited 2 countries and is about to add another stamp to his passport.

And like Matthew McConaughey, he stopped wearing a shirt in the month of May. Would you wear a shirt if you were as studley as T? I didn’t think so.

Here is T-Bear this morning at 11 months.

And here is month 10 down to 1 month with his trusty bear. The last photo is at 1 wk.

We love you, T!!!


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