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May 1, 2012 / mommy brain

Success in the fight against fatmommyness!

This is where I run. I love it. Also, G proposed around here, sort of to the right and uphill. And I always think of that day when I run past the spot  where he got down on one knee. I know it’s cheesy, but it’s true. No lie.

As discussed in a previous post (T is cuter than running, but running is cuter than a fat mommy), I have not been spending enough time workin’ on my fitness since T’s arrival. So last week, I decided to set a realistic goal of two runs during the week after T goes to bed, and I actually wound up adjusting my goal to 3 runs because I reached the initial goal by Tuesday. Well, I am thrilled to report that I made it to not just 3, but 4 runs last week!! FOUR runs in one week!!! It’s been at least a year and a half since I was able to pull that off. And one of the runs was with T, recovering from his tough Friday night and crappy weekend in general, strapped into the BOB stroller. He took a nice nap while I ran a lot farther than I’ve ever managed with the stroller and up and down some steep-ass hills. New goal is to run at least 2 times per week EVERY week till Memorial Day weekend. That’s four weeks of goals, people! I can totally do this. Am I sandbagging a bit? Perhaps. Obviously, I can totally do more than 2 some of the weeks, but for now, this is just about less fat-mommyness. Later, I can adjust the goal to get closer to bad-ass-mommyness.

Look how pretty abq is right now. The above photo is from several years ago, but the one below I took during my run with T late Sunday afternoon.

Now that the killer moths have moved on, Albuquerque is totally killin’ it.

I was totally killin’ it with my fitness last week. And also with my top secret plan to take over the world. And also with my outfits. That neon yellow skinny belt I bought at Target a few weeks ago is really paying off. If you weren’t killin’ it with whatever you’re working on last week, I hope this week is your week to shine! And there is always next week. I’ll drink to that.


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