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April 29, 2012 / mommy brain

Friday night at the ER is totally where it’s at…until the baby IV needle comes out, at which point it becomes the saddest place on Earth

I had big plans for Friday evening. T and I were going to kick it at the park for a while, and then I was going to go for a run (my 4th of the week!), and we were maybe even going to make it to Target. And then after T went to bed, I was going to finally convince G to watch The Muppet Movie with me. And we were definitely going to throw back some brewskies while watching it. Yep, I had a solid plan for an awesome Friday night.

It was not meant to be for this particular Friday night though because on the way to pick up T, I got a call from his daycare. This was a bad omen of things to come because they have never called me before. The daycare lady informed me that T threw up twice in the last 30 minutes. After I got there, on our way to the car, he lost the rest of his lunch all over me. And then again during the 5 minute drive home. By the time the pediatrician called back an hour later, T was throwing up every 5 minutes. She said that we need to go the ER to get him some fluids. UGH. That was my initial thought and G shared my sentiment. But after a few seconds of ugh, we jumped into action and  packed up some supplies in case we were stuck in the ER all night, and we booked our asses it to UNM Hospital.

As an aside, here’s a list of things to grab if you are headed to the pediatric ER and can take a couple minutes to pack before jumping in the car:

  • several changes of clothes for baby
  • lots of diapers and wipes, snacks for baby and parents, bottle and and whatever baby drinks, sippy cup (what you’d normally have in diaper bag)
  • a couple toys for baby
  • 2 blanket (in case one gets vomit or something else gross on it)
  • book for mom and/or dad (you probably won’t use it but just in case. And bring something respectable. You don’t want to be caught reading “50 Shades of Gray” while your baby is sick in the hospital.)
  • phone charge cord (you don’t want to fall behind on Draw Something or Scrabble)
  • hoodies or sweaters for everyone
  • extra shirt or two for mom and dad

The one thing we forgot on this list was the last item, but we got lucky with minimal vomit on us during our ER stay.

Before I go on, I’d like to say that everyone we dealt with at UNMH Friday night provided top notch, friendly service, from the guy checking us in, to the nurses, residents and perimedics.

T didn’t throw up while we were describing the situation to the various nurses. We were just starting to think that we didn’t need to be there when he threw up right after the resident walked out of the room. And again 5 minutes later. And then again right after they gave him some anti nausea meds. And around this time, the, er…d-word, started, too. They were hoping to avoid the IV, but since the anti-nausea stuff was coming back up, the doc decided the best coarse of action was to get T hooked up to an IV, so he could get the anti-naseua meds that way and get re-hydrated at the same time. They let us know that after they administer the meds through the IV, if T could drink some pedialyte without throwing up, they would send us home. Got it. Sounds like a plan.

T-Bear was quite the trooper throughout all of this. He was hamming it up and totally flirting with the nurses in between hurling his guts out. He’s such a good little guy. No tears at all…until the IV needle came out. This was no fun…no fun at all. T’s pudgy dehydrated arms made it difficult to find a vein. Not that this is ever easy to do with a baby. Two nurses tried several times on both arms…digging around in there with the needle while poor T looked at me with a “Why are they hurting me, mommy??” look on his face…while screaming and producing the biggest crocodile tears I’ve ever seen. It was hard on mom and dad, too. I felt like those needles were poking me the whole time. So after no success with either chubby arm, they went for the foot, which turned out to be way more cooperative vein-wise. I SO wish they had started with the foot, but perhaps there is a good reason for why they didn’t.

Once the IV was in, and T got the meds and a big bag of saline into his system, he perked up quite a bit and didn’t look quite as pale. And he was able to keep the Gatorade/pedialyte down.

Here is T after with IV needle secured in his foot, drinking a delicious Gatorade/pedialyte concoction like a champ:

And here he is after the rehydration, looking like he’s ready to hit the town and par-tay:

We were discharged around midnight. Our instructions were to give him pedialyte on Saturday, and we could try formula Saturday night if he was doing ok. And food on Sunday if things continued to improve.

T improved on Saturday in that he didn’t throw up at all. He was his usually playful self but he did sleep a lot more during the day than usual. In general, though, we thought we were on the mend and hoping for a great Sunday.

Unfortunately, G started throwing up at 1AM and that continued all night. And T threw up again around 7AM in his bed, so today sucked a lot. Especially for G who is still feeling like crappola as I write this. My poor boys. This has not been a fun weekend for them.

G and I are both wondering if the countdown is now on for me. I was a little bit sick on Thursday, so the hope is that I already had the bug and my killer immune system was able to fight it off better than T’s or G’s. Ha ha! I laugh because this is never the case for me; my immune system is a piece of crap and continues to disappoint. But maybe it found the right formula to fight off this particular bug more effectively than the boys. I guess we will find out over the next couple days.

The good news is that T does seem to be improving. No throw up today (after the one time early in the morning), and he ate a few puffs, a couple pieces of tortilla and some apple/raspberry/blueberry for dinner. I even took him out for a run in the stroller this afternoon. Hopefully both my guys feel better tomorrow! Here is our tough little man at dinner tonight. He looks tired but closer to his regular studly self:

Oh, and I succeeded in convincing G to watch The Muppet Movie on Saturday night!! Good thing I made my move before he got crazy-ass sick. Big win. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend you do. I laughed, I cried (while G laughed at me for crying). It was great.


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